Message from SaLuSa from September 28

Message from the Galactic Federation, which presents the latest news about the disclosure and the most important events that happen in a short time, and to which we should all be able to:

"Time line (parallel worlds on the past life of the Soul) begin to merge into such (all the past lives of individuals by merging the current card), which carry the highest energy and which will naturally be stronger when people are intent to ascend, and when they have no such intention. So, what you see is the result of your mass consciousness, which is being created according to your desires. Ascension itself will change that decreed divine decree (the Creator), and which are universal scale and sent to the higher powers (Hierarchy of Light). So you create your own experience, and Ascension will be your last experience, then you leave the cycle of duality to take his place in the New Era. Events can be changed according to your speed and level of advancement, and it allows any delays caused by the forces of darkness (the Illuminati and their henchmen.) So we tell you continue to hold their attention on the Ascension and be ready to enter the mighty power, as soon as you find out.

There will always be a lot of discussion of how future events will occur, because there are many different versions. What you promised, no doubt come to pass, and you will win a lot of things from it. In fact, often had to tinker with the date, and now you certainly know that some events had to be postponed (this is including the Disclosure). Whatever it was, you do not miss anything and safely go to a higher vibration (5 dimensions) and will receive all the benefits of the many changes that will take you even further into the Light. By the time the old paradigm (the rules and principles of life in the three-dimensional world) will not have any impact on your life, and you will enjoy absolute peace and joy that come with a new paradigm.

We continue to put spurs to our allies (among the people on the planet) to move to action, as we want to very soon began some major changes. This would dispel your concern and guarantee you that the end of the cycle will be as predicted.
Ascension is not a 5-minute miracle, and the way in which you go for a long time, and you'll keep going. There were many bursts, especially at the end of last and the beginning of your current century. Each of them bring the energy to a higher level than before. They gently help you along the way, as opposed to 21 December 2012, when it shows touches each of you. Many people have noticed what has become known as the Ascension symptoms that can be easily confused with the onset of the disease. Of course, if they do not disappear, it will be better to contact your doctor for examination, since they usually disappear within a few days.

No matter what happens, go ahead, knowing that Ascension successfully happen, and you do not miss anything because of the delays. All of this is planned, and soon you will be free from the forces of Darkness (the Illuminati and their henchmen), because no matter how sophisticated they may be, or whatever the power may have occurred, they have no place in your future. Usually you get upset if things do not happen the way you'd expect, but if you think of the light, then your battle is already won. Will have much to do in order to quickly move you into a new era, and we are more than ready to meet that challenge. We constantly adjust their plans according to the current situation, and it is for us no problem.

The turning point in the near future there will be presidential elections in the U.S.. It will not be a repeat of what you had before, because the dark forces (Illuminati) and outlived its capitulated Light (Galactic Federation of Light, Shamballa Master and all Lightworkers of the planet). So please do not worry too much because of the threats of those who still shows the greed and desire for power. This does not take place in the new government, which should work for the people.

Accept that what is happening is part of a cleanup that must be done to effect change. Mother Earth will also have to take some action (which will spill over to us in the form of disasters and abnormal weather), but they will not be as severe as some people are predicting. We of the Galactic Federation to observe everything going on in the world and take part in many cases, of which you know not. So we ask you, do not think that we stood by, when in fact we are active as never before. You definitely see us more and more, and the best of everything is waiting for you in future, when we can arrange a demonstrative flights of our ships. We fix that disclosure receives strong support from the people, and we applaud your initiative and perseverance. All that awakens people to the truth, are worthy.

Obviously, the next few weeks will be very important, and you should be able to see what all clones. You can expect to see the emergence of more charges against corrupt bankers as the investigation into their activities. Take some time to gather the necessary evidence, which must be flawless. Some fled instead to answer, and yet they manage to escape punishment for their crimes, but in the end they are for all the answers. Our main desire — to remove them from the path to the world's reliable people who can manage the new financial system. All this is part of your progress and paving the bridge between the old and new system. "

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