Message from SaLuSa from Sirius on September 28, 2012

Life begins to merge with a lot of energy, and of course, the strongest are the ones where people express intention — to ascend or not. What you see is the result of the mass consciousness, creating according to your desires.

Ascension itself is going to make changes, set the Divine law is universal proportions and chief executive powers. This way, you create your own event, and Ascension will be your final chord, as you leave the cycle of duality to a place in the New Age.

Events may vary according to your speed and level of advancement, and may be any delays caused by the dark forces. Therefore, we say that you still need to focus on Ascension, and are preparing for the arrival of the powerful energy of which you become aware.

Conducted many discussions about what will occur in the future, because there are different opinions about it. What you have been promised, of course, will happen, and you remove it from the many benefits. Indeed, time is often required to manage, and you now know that some events were postponed.

However, you will not miss them and move to the higher vibration, making use of the many changes that will take you further into the light. The old paradigm will no longer affect your life, and you will be satisfied with absolute peace and joy that comes with the new paradigm.

We still are encouraging our allies to strengthen their action as we would like to see the early start of significant changes. This would reduce your anxiety and would convince you that the end of the cycle is finished, as predicted. However, this may depend on your expectations, since only a small part of you have at least some idea of what's ahead.

We say that one way or another, all souls have the final choice as to whether they wish to leave the lower dimensions to higher ones. What you can be sure that those of you who have come into this life, has made the choice of the Ascension, and do it. Will be key moments in their lives, which will give them the right way, and bring enlightenment to their souls. Each of you provide a huge help, and it would be challenging to go against your life plan, including Ascension.

Ascension — not a five-minute surprise, but the way in which you are going for a very long time and continue to go. There was a lot of major events, especially at the end of the last and present centuries. Each raised to a higher energy level. They gently helped you, as opposed to 21 December 2012, when it will affect everyone. Already many have noticed that became noticeable symptoms of Ascension, which can be easily mistaken for the onset of the disease. Clearly, if they last for a long time, you should consult with your doctor, as they usually disappear within a few days.

No matter what happens, go ahead with the knowledge that the Ascension is ongoing and will not be canceled due to any delay. It's all planned, and soon you will get rid of the dark forces, because regardless of their tricks and power that they can show they have no place in the future. You tend to get depressed when things do not go as expected, but if you have the light, the battle had been won. Much remains to be done to quickly propel you into the New Age, but we are more than handle the job. We constantly change our plans based on the emerging situation, and this is not a problem for us.

The tipping point is now revolves around the U.S. presidential election. Our man chosen to bring you out of duality, and that's because he has a great spiritual experience and knows how to handle the problem. There are others with him, also ready to join the new government, which will be based on new principles and will, in fact, represent the people. There will be no failure or a repeat of what you've experienced before, because the dark forces surrender to the Light. So please do not be too concerned about the threats of those who still promotes greed and his own power. They will not appear in the new government, which should be for the people.

Recognize that what is happening is part of the cleansing that must occur before the changes may be made. Mother Earth will also have to take some action, but they will not be so cruel as predicted by some. We of the Galactic Federation still see everything that happens on earth, and take part in many events, which you do not. So please, do not think that we are inactive, when we are more involved than ever before. Of course, you often see us, and the best is yet to come when we can arrange our flights. We note that disclosure depends on the people, and we welcome your initiative and persistence. All that awakens people to the truth, is expensive.

Obviously, the next few weeks should be very important, and you will be able to see how things are going. You will see the charges against the corrupt bankers, because their actions will be investigated. Time is needed for a thorough collection of evidence. Some run away rather than will pay for what he did, and now they will go away with a crime, but the ultimate answer for them. Our main goal — to eliminate them, so that we are left with a trustworthy and reliable people to work with the new financing mechanism. This part of your promotion and bridging the gap between the old and new systems.

I — SaLuSa from Sirius, is happy to see how far along are you in such a short period of time. Nothing is taken for granted, because you are faced with a very tough test, and, in the end, you win. Continue to look forward and be resolute through this cycle until the end. You — really Warriors of Light.

Thank you. SaLuSa.
September 28, 2012

Category: Channeling

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