Message from SaLuSa October 3, 2012

As you no doubt have noticed, among the world's population is distributed excitement. People are not ready to suffer because of the actions of bankers, which provoked such austerity measures adopted in different countries.


Government forces are afraid of the people, and if they continue to demand of the people, they will have to find other ways of solving problems. Ultimately, debt forgiveness will be the final solution, but you have to wait to see how it would be implemented. You, the people, the intentions Illuminati deliberately kept in poverty, making you dependent on them. In this way, they can fully dictate how to move your life.

Thus, the power play is not over yet, but the balance goes to the people who woke up from error, allowing the dark forces to control their lives. As a sovereign being, you should have a better quality of life, and the government has enough funds to ensure this. The rich and powerful hold you to adopt their own position in society. When wealth is redistributed, you will see that it is enough for the world that all are content to live in abundance. Changes that will lead to abundance, are under control, and over time will occur in your life. We of the Galactic Federation of Light will this play an important role, and plans have already been prepared.

Like you, we expect sufficient progress so that we can responsibly, guarantee you that the path to Ascension quickly opens. Obviously, with the end of time, approaching very quickly, we really want to be able to come to the earth, as our technology will increase communication to a higher level. Then we can turn to the world, which will hear what we have to say, in their own languages. In general, we need to make sure that everyone is aware of the Ascension, and have the opportunity to take part in it. Some, of course, it will not cause any interest, but at least they can not say they did not know about it.

We see how in the world is expanding divide between those who are in the light, and those who are still reticent to lower energies. Gradually revival and many souls realize its enormous potential to change their lives for the better. Lack of faith in God is not necessarily discourage people to go Rise, since many of them at heart very kind and decent people. I assume, what you are in, but we always come back to what is necessary to treat others as yourself. We will repeatedly remind you that you — all is one, and if you can recognize it, you will move to the light because of your love for all creatures. It is very simple, and through this you will increase your level of consciousness.

Do not doubt for a minute that you — the mighty soul, and do not limit their ability to achieve a higher level of existence. You have the potential to achieve all that you desire, but you have to work in order to be successful. We said that you like gods, not without reason, and many of you — is the Master. In the near future you will find your true self and realize what benefits received from the experience of duality. You will continue to develop, but in higher dimensions the rate of evolution is much slower. Obviously, you will not be faced with everyday problems.

After a long time in the lower vibrations for you will be a pleasant change movement in quiet dimension, where you can flourish. There are so many levels to which you can develop, and every increase of vibration and light. In the end, you will go beyond the need to take the form, as you understand it, but at the same time, be able to use it for yourself when need be. You do not immediately get all the benefits, but quickly buy the ones that will replace left behind. Chore and the unpleasant details of life in the third dimension will no longer exist, and everything will be wonderful and rewarding experience.

Look for the bright side of things, even if you suffer from an illness or disability, because it will not last long. Your body is changing, and your vibration will soon be strong enough to eliminate this condition. The thought of having the perfect body to help with the creation of it, because what you think is what you get. That is why we encourage you to focus on the light, and not on the fact that it has low energy. Do not doubt your abilities, because you are able to create a reality of pure thought. Collectively, of course, is increasing exponentially, and lead you to Ascension. This is enhanced by the light coming to you from many sources, both on Earth and beyond.

We have consistently informed you that, as a spiritual being, Barack Obama was destined to win the presidential election. You can see now that his position seems confident, which means that we can expect later our Disclosure. This will be the beginning of many significant changes, and you'll finally see the collapse of the dark. They had a time credit, and they had to take some time ago, but tried to deny the obvious fact that the Light has won. They did not help apathy of people who were not able to see that freedom taken away from them.

I — SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that we continue to address the dark forces who use bases on Earth for a long time. They are no longer allowed to stay, and they have no place in the process of ascension. Their existence was mainly inherited a few thousand years ago, and the proof is in your record. As many of you know, recently Gray was allowed to live on earth, in agreement with the U.S. government, but they have to leave.

Thank you. SaLuSa.
October 3, 2012

Category: Channeling

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