Message from the Creator of September 17.

"1. All that is happening on Planet Earth, and especially in Russia (in any case, it is destined to go the way the first insight and Transfiguration), is the forerunner of the biggest events in the long history of the fifth race!

2. Imperceptibly and invisibly I (Surya) I bring people to the realization that the world of the past, or the passing world — a world of injustice and the power of Mammon (Evil Material World, which represent the Illuminati and their henchmen) called "capitalism" — is really a thing of the past, for mankind failed to form a society that could, even remotely resemble the heavenly paradise or the Society of supreme justice.

3. All that mankind has been able to establish, or, more accurately, to create — it was a Russian socialism, but "Change" without God and therefore without my support and without my participation, which in the end turned into a farce, too, that people themselves and destroyed! So today on their part is not visible even attempts than religious wars (with Muslim countries), try to do something for the creation of the Society of Higher injustice and lead people to the formation of Co-Education (Person) of the perfect man!

4. And even the concept of a perfect man in all respects also practically lost, I (Surya) would say — is destroyed, because those who reigns on earth, and this, of course, Shadow and Mammon (the Illuminati) are in no way interested in the spiritual awakening the "little" people of Russia!

5. Today, it came down to a primitive fooling most of the population (), which led, in turn, to an even greater decline of morals and the development of the basest interests in society of universal hatred and deceit, which, of course, does not correspond to my program co-evolution of human knowledge to the heights of co-creation!

6. And if it does not fit my (Surya) Universal Program (human development), and people do not even try to prevent this orgy of fear and spiritual fornication, then the higher forces of Light is only one way (given the fact that the right of free will in people nobody did not take) — apply the divine power and finally take control of the process of co-evolution of Knowledge (Person) person, setting such a disobedient mankind's great transformation stages (Ascension), which it will adhere simply must!

7. It is time to implement the first stage of the Great Transformation of Space (the Ascension of our world), and the most important man in Russia, as a country that was chosen to go first stage of Resurrection mankind and its destiny to show the path of transformation, which should result in truly spiritual enlightenment of all the people of Russia (I repeat: I (Surya) is not allocated an artificial nation or nationality, and talking about the space of Russia, as the ancestress of humanity), including its most recent "little" man.

8. Russia was the first step into the unknown (unknown — in the notion of the average man) called Divine regularity (life in 5 dimensions)! So this is great transformation under strict called "Quantum transition" will really start the Great Transformation, from which mankind can not escape, because it will not just Transfiguration, the Great returning people to the state or condition of the demigods (Archangels), to the times (conditions ) when the contact person (human) with God has been a constant and natural state! (and that was to create a 4 curtain that divided the spiritual and material worlds)

9. Received from me an opportunity to create new turned into a tragedy for the people, because nothing good in the social sphere was created, and in fact it is the basis, or the conditions, the constant evolution of Co-Education (Persons), which originally was the main task of translating people dense plan or, as you say, in the Material World.

10. Spiritual fornication, and a strong desire to own "steer" in space (or in the history of mankind) have resulted in an orgy of truly falling ethics and morality, which proved to war for the redivision of the world and the opportunity to co-management of people's knowledge, which eventually led people (humanity ) to an evolutionary dead end, which left only two ways to solve this problem, and one of them was and is self-destruction (through a change of Ras, as it was at Atlantis in the Flood)!

11. But there is another way — a way not just of the Transfiguration Co-Knowledge (Person) people, and indeed the cardinal change in the vector of human development, without which it can not have a future, as my creation, choose the direction of development that does not meet the objectives of the Universal Software Evolution Great Space!

12. I (Surya) have repeatedly drawn the attention of the people that the only peace of eternal motion (basic canon of Eternity) is the basis of development (evolution) of the Supreme Cosmic Mind (soul man) and, of course, of humanity as part of the Great Space!

13. Therefore involution Co-Knowledge (Person) people, they drove themselves, can not be accepted by me, because it does not meet the General and a single scenario of the evolution of outer space and should not only be stopped, but moved to the rails of evolution, or permanent self-improvement, now after passing people quantum transitions (the Resurrection)!

14. And this exam is valid exams God, who will have already CAM (a process that is already under way) to separate the "wheat" from the "chaff"!

15. Unfortunately, not all people understand the danger of spiritual decay, as steeped in Mammon (Evil Material World) people do not even try to see the great light of the Transfiguration (the changes that occur every day in the world and the very person) and will be more in every way impede or interfere move people to the path, as I (Surya), said the only way to God, or, as people say, the path to the Temple (Temple of the Soul, where the Spirit — a piece of God that binds the soul with his parents — God. And to get to the Temple The personality of the soul can only being on the path of spiritual development)!

16. A task (before the co-creator (teachers in the change of times)) to return the people to the path of spiritual development, and this task will still be carried out, even if some of the authorities will try to prevent this process of spiritual awakening of the peoples of Russia and all mankind, for quantum transition (Ascension), which was the first and very soon will be the people of Russia, there is no clarification, and cardinal changes of space!

17. People, society will have to go (even forced) to a whole different level of relationship "man-God" for everything that is available on the planet, not exactly his harmony with the Divine Space, but just the opposite, because, at a large number of churches there is no place where people could meet with God (because in today's temples, churches, church, etc. — there is no God!)

18. But there is always a place, and it is closer to the heart of man, because it is — the person (Temple of the Soul, which is in the man, in his pineal gland)! Man is the seat of God on Earth, and the best place for God anywhere else on the planet is no more!

19. My man is a fractal similarity, and, as I (Surya) has just said, the best place for me there in the universe, so I (Surya) is present in every person, and every person, in turn, is my (Surya) shown plan, which does not want to understand it and accept, however, using the right of free will, he continues to do whatever you like, but not himself.

20. I (Surya) can no longer tolerate this kind of spiritual orgy, for it is not only the illegality of Mammon (Illuminati), but also a dead end Co-evolution of Knowledge (Person) person, preventing the disclosure of the unique abilities of the co-creators (Teachers), granted me a man as His image!

21. I (Surya) has already said, but, unfortunately, it went unnoticed by people, that man, as my fractal similarity, has the same powers of creativity that I (Surya), your Creator, so only evolution or self-improvement, people can rise to the heights of the co-creators (Masters) or demigods (Higher Shower — Archangels) able to really create new worlds!

22. Therefore I (Surya) is not in vain mentioned the name of Nikola Tesla, for the people who will be Quantum transition (Ascension), or those who remain in the world after the quantum transition (people who have fallen into two additional 3D world), will open the ability to create A world without the use of even the most modern technology, because for them all of the latest achievements of science would seem already "yesterday."

23. Russia (its people) takes a very unusual world of creative supervozmozhnostey Human Spirit (I want to stress that it is a man of spirit) (person who is in harmony not only with his soul, and with God, through his Spirit), for only he will be given the right to co-creation (in attune) with Me (Surya), your Creator!

24. People really do not know her tomorrow, and what is happening on the planet, but rather on the streets of the world, is the forerunner of future major changes spaces, which overturned all previous ideas of the man himself, imposed by the authorities to suppress the free will of man!

25. Comes the last ball of the spiritual and social injustice, which the authorities angazhiruyut as a finale spiritual fornication, and the ball, as I say, is more like a funeral all initiatives man without God in the heart!

26. Replaced orgy involution Co-Knowledge (Person) rights and social injustice on earth now comes the power of God and the Great harmonizing human with the divine space!

27. Russia now simply must (it is destined to) the first to pass this way great transformation or great insight, and therefore it will have to first undergo quantum transitions (mass Ascension), feeling for himself the light of spiritual enlightenment!

28. I must say that the process of great transformation has already begun, and the beginning of the adoption of the peoples of Russia Oath ministry Prime Creator (Ra — High God Level 1, the creator of our Galaxy), for now it is the dividing line between the past and the outgoing Happy Future.

29. Today sending to spiritual unity gain an entirely different shades, because the only people in the Spirit, to define its position (make spiritual unity or a sense of unity in the Spirit, and thus gave the Oath Prime Creator), can change the space and time to bring great transformation — first, the people of Russia , and then the whole of humanity! "

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