Message from the Creator of September 24,

1. Today as never before felt the need of true spiritual unity of the peoples of Russia around the Prime Creator (Pa) and to reach that state of unity, which can be achieved only when people's hearts are pounding in full, I (Surya) repeat, in harmony and love!

2. Therefore, all day sending to spiritual unity, of course, you need to prepare in advance, cleaning its internal space from the filth of sins and vices! And even if the self-cleaning is just too slow, and sometimes it does not occur, all the same for the people are the days of sending the Sacred Days — Co-evolution stages Knowledge (Person)!

3. Knowing that the process of Spiritual Unity will require people attunement with God, and it is in your urban world of Mammon (evil material world) and spiritual fornication very hard to do, I have consistently and continuously introduced into the concept of everyday life the days of the Holy message, which not only shaped the Home Participatory PervoSoznaniya, but also carried a very real process of spiritual cleansing!

4. Three days Sacred message — it is three days closer with God, and adjusted to the point The message is a channel that is opened only to people who sincerely have chosen the path to the Temple (Temple of the human soul, which is located in the pineal gland)!

5. Please note that it is not just the days of Spiritual Unity, and, most importantly, there are three levels of knowledge of the truth, the knowledge of God, providing building the Kingdom of God on Earth!

6. Believe me, you can not do anything, let alone change, if not in person, there was a transmutation of the Co-Knowledge (Person) and people are still tied to Mammon (Evil Material World) and modern society supreme injustice! So these (yet) for three days, I repeat, is the holiest day of formation of Co-Education of people new formation — the people of light, which should form the basis of the sixth race!

7. Everything that happens in people in the last three days of GOD, can not be compared to anything, because it is not only the days of the Spiritual Approach (Unity) between people, but, most importantly, it's Days of Spiritual Unity with God!

10. According to the scenario of Universal Space Transformation Program (the Program of the Ascension of our world, created by Surya) The people, or at least part of it (which is equal to two percent of the population of the country (Russia)) to perform the miracle of the Epiphany (itself as a united with God — our Creator, Surya)!

11. You have to understand that for people Spiritual Promise is another stage in the development of and egregors of Collective PervoSoznaniya that can only really be compared to the miracle Bogoproyavleniya in dense plan — or rather, in all the plans together (in all time lines parallel world for the past life)!

12. I can tell you that the difficult process of Spiritual Unity in Russia, the country that was to first step into the new world of high vibrations of the future, still moving, and the need for spiritual unity, as well as public consumption of Oaths (Prime Creator — Pa) translate into the great stream of the True FAITH, which is impossible to stop, even if someone who imagines himself the master of human Souls (for example, the Illuminati, who have long been the masters of the world)!

13. Believe me, all Sacred Promises reconciled so that the slightest lie is a disaster on a planetary scale (disasters and man-made disasters), because if sending to Spiritual Unity penetrate fornication, then can not be formed COLLECTIVE impersonal INT (Egregor Humanity Ascension), and therefore, can not occur in the hearts of God, and this is a catastrophe for all mankind!

14. Therefore, in such a difficult time — time for change — people should not only be set (preferably in one or two days to send), but the days pass a spiritual office, when there can be negative in all the mental images and thoughts should be focused on spiritual cleansing, carrying only love, but rather PervoLyubov (universal love inherent Gods), as the basis for the beginning of beginnings, not only the Prime Creator (Pa), but man!

17. Most importantly — these holy days, people in spiritual unity, through attunement with the Prime Creator (energies Pa) begin creating the world, because they show a common will, and this is the beginning of the beginning of creation, and therefore, there is a materialization of his thoughts in the likeness of Prime Creator (Pa )!

21. If you remember, there is the concept of spiritual resonance, in which even the faintest vibrations of the "little" people can become a spiritual tsunami, clearing all sinful layers of humanity and opening of Divine Light Spiritual transmutation!

22. But it is achievable and possible only if all the "little" people in an instant exhaled the word "LOVE", which means — "God," because God is Love!

23. So do not ask and do not offer until the new message, for I (Surya) know exactly when and how people should create a single (energy) pulse of Creative Beginnings began, breaking the veil of unbelief, and allows them to feel like gods who are creating new worlds!

24. Yes, of course, great, if sending to spiritual unity and PervoLyubov (universal love) will be more, but I ask you not to rush things, because you have not yet obtained the effect that I (Surya) who wait and you wait for themselves, for transmutation Co-knowledge (the individual) Rusich still very much felt!

25. Believe me, I (Surya) most interested in your spiritual transfiguration, or spiritual transmutation, but so far I (Surya) do not see the spiritual unity of the people of such a force that could change the world (and all of the changes now taking place only at the expense of Lightworkers but, unfortunately, not enough to do all the work)!

29. Believe me, Marvel Bogoproyavleniya (feeling the presence of God each person) will not work if the PROMISE will be in vain, for "five minutes" to start sending in the spiritual unity. People need to remember that the sacrament of sacraments would only when the Feast of Spiritual Unity people will treat very seriously and responsibly.

30. Believe me, I (Surya) will take all your initiatives, if I feel that there is no greater spiritual chaos and not zabaltyvaniya sent a word to the spiritual unity, for ONE PROMISE is a process of formation within the person of the Prime Creator of this home home (PA). "

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