Message from the Galactic Federation group from Sirius on October 9.

Many events are preparing to happen pretty soon. Your world is at a point where the collapse of its economy is inevitable. Position of your global economy rests on the illegal flow of funds from the accounts that have been plundered by the Federal Reserve last year. These accounts have been illegally captured in the procedures for monitoring the exchange of money from one account to another. Our partners (people of the world) now redirect these daily international movement of huge amounts of currency.

As these fiscal revenue sources begin to dry up, the U.S. corporation and its minions are desperately looking for a way to stay afloat. This sudden decrease in "real cash reserves" central banks led to panic in your world. This is against the background of a number of these banks have recently received ultimatums from our dedicated associates about the fact that the huge debts have to be repaid only in gold. These remain secret events are expected to create what can be called the beginning of the "Halloween" (meaning of the holiday Helloin in the death of the Dark Forces of Light coming from the type of "Night Before Christmas") to dark clicks (shady characters and minions Illuminati) . Meanwhile, the various holders of the world famous and "black" gold stocks continue to fill their coffers.

These huge losses of gold and silver exacerbate the hazards faced by the world's fiat currencies. As noted above, the huge joint debts your fragile economy now identified and requested a full-bodied payment reserves. This is consistent pressure to cause a massive collapse of fiat money system. Those who do it are well aware of the consequences of such a drastic maneuver. However, this huge debt and waste of gold-IOUs to pay off now would "kill two birds with one stone" — change direction and set up a new global financial system. This proposed and thoroughly prepared to solve world problems can not be "swept under the rug" dark cabal (Illuminati minions). This mountain of debt — their own creation, and it will inevitably lead to their downfall. The global financial and fiscal situation is deteriorating rapidly, vykazyvanie false optimism based on the "cookbooks" of Western statistics, completely pointless. The good news — it's accelerating decline also creates an opportunity for the new system, which will be presented by our dedicated suddenly allies (the people of Earth.)

These various points are easily ahead. The public is provided a fictitious facade that says everything is fine, and that there are some ways to recover. In fact it is all talk and just the opposite. Those who are in the light, those who hold the cards to change, are now actively playing in them, and this is confirmed by our informants, who continue to report that the collapse is near. Those who work for the government plans to replace the dark (Illuminati puppets) with new fully confident that their announcement of this change is near. In line with this, we have notified our ground groups that are working together with our brothers Agartanskimi (residents of the Inner World of the Earth), to be prepared to recommend to the population in which they are located, do not panic, but rather to see the joy of what is already beginning to happen . Your world must be changed from the kingdom of treachery and discord in the world, where management does take into account the people and then acts accordingly. The new financial system is designed to provide support and common prosperity for all. However, this is only a prelude to the wonders of transformations that are planned, including the official announcement of the disclosure of our presence.

We believe that the events shortly, finally, will lead your world from the clutches of the dark clicks (Illuminati minions). Conditions are fixed in such a way that these changes are inevitable. Our intention is to ensure that this shift will happen so quickly and smoothly as possible. We used our resources and technology to prevent attempts threatening such outcome. Shadow (the Illuminati and their henchmen) understands what we're doing, and he knows that can not affect the final result. And we can not fully understand why they continue to stress this game in brinkmanship. Our informants at each level of dark organizations report that the amount of fear and panic, which cover those in charge of this reality. We're watching dark intrigue (Illuminati minions) and see that their story bezrezultaten. And yet they continue. Their fear, of course, due to the long, complicated history, which they share with the Anunnaki (Gods of the Universe 11 stair treads — authors' duality), and based on the experience of working with them, they tremble on which wages actually entail their crimes. Exaggerated concern over this we are working to dispel it.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters (most of the civilizations of the Galactic Federation of Light Ascension were many thousands of years ago)! We bring news. Now your world is in the grip of the decisive battle between light and dark cabal (Illuminati minions). Secrets of society and those groups and individuals who sincerely wish to move the world from darkness, have joined forces and launched a series of lawsuits regarding the dismantling of this reality. The first step was to attract a number of decrees of the holy elders of the ancient clans, both East and West. These decisions provide a legal precedent for the overthrow of Darkness (power the Illuminati and their henchmen). Your current world legal system is based mainly on Roman law and ancient tribal customs, and they are the foundation of the modern world system of law. This means that those who sit in the center of the legality of the ancient law, support the change of global governance.

This is an exciting development, together with the imminent collapse of the world economic system, shows the clique (Illuminati minions), that it is really a prolonged reign is coming to an end. Shadow (the Illuminati and their henchmen) are already using tools just mentioned to establish the legitimacy of the Pontifical dedication their dark reign. In fact, the foundation, which gives legitimacy to the Pontifical interim rule was removed, and in fact, all temporary declarations which are the basis for the legitimacy of the nation-state, are now at risk. This seemingly simple maneuver — a sign of the darkness, she was time to leave its many centers of power. Shadow (the Illuminati and their henchmen) so long tried to ignore it, but she pointed out that the fact of such a threat can not be avoided. We (the Galactic Federation) is now attacking the clique on several fronts: the economic, financial, pravovovomu, and we are confident that our strategy will quickly lead to the closure of the Board of fear that exists in your world for millennia.

You are now seeing numerous lawsuits put forward throughout your planet as a result, in particular, what we have done. This fantastic amount of debt has become, in essence, the executioner of darkness (the Illuminati and their henchmen). In fact, this debt can be legally dissolved as soon as the new leadership will start to work. Brown (Illuminati minions) use debt to intimidate the peoples of your world and require more stringent austerity measures, which are intended to create more and more unbearable and steady state tyranny. Sacred ordinances AEON (Galactic Masters of Light) have stated time and again that it is time for action and time to show the new kingdom of Light. We do things that Heaven (gods) asked us to do. Our partners (people of the world) gathered around him a group of inspired individuals who break the darkness, and their wicked designs, and prepares us to move further along the path to full consciousness and a new reality for all.

Today we will continue to inform you as much as possible within the constraints of data permitted us about the processes occurring in your world. The Galactic Federation is here to promote your transition world forward with our help. Think about the immensity of what is coming, and keep those who bring you this new day for Gaia (Earth) and terrestrial humanity! You know, dear, that infinite Prosperity of Heaven (Kingdom of Heaven Gods) really you! So be it! — Selemat Gajun! Selemat Ja! (Sirian: Be All! Be in Joy!)

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