Message from the Galactic Federation of Light on 21-22 September 2012

"Get out of the Old World in your new world of those of you who have been successful, as you say, those of you who have extended themselves in many different ways outside of your family, friends and contemporaries. Many of you are faced with a continuous stream of a set of problems and obstacles in front of you. We remind you, it was not us who have chosen these problems for you, but you have chosen them. You are here because you wanted to be here, and you would like to learn from his experiences and his travels, and this is we did a lot of you. This — what speed your learning curve. there are very few of you who have completed all your lessons here.

Tests and challenges that you will get here within the higher realms are real and let us say that the tests and challenges your abilities and your decision, your drive and determination, your strength of will and strength of mind and your mind and your ability to calculate and obtaining suitable solutions and plans strategy. We tell you that there really is an illusion, you are living a big dream, a great game, and the game is a more accurate description of your life.
There are many of you who are not yet ready to join the stream or collective consciousness, the structure of consciousness, which is more than one person. you will experience? Well, we say that you will experience the thoughts that pass through your mind, which are not the product of your imagination or your thought processes, your thoughts or anything that you read or just recently read, or something that you watch on TV or something that you've heard that a friend said no. Why is this so? This is because what we think. it's your mind, your mind is now one with our so what we think and what you may think.
What you have on your planet, is something that we refer to as the effect of your minds, which is really a completely different thing. Some ignorant people, some freak, want to control the way you think, speak, act and behave like. They want to influence you in the way you spend your time and your money. They are also interested in things such as your voice, but your voice is much less important than you may think for your voice, your choices are completely fraudulent.
They (Illuminati) has picked his presidential successor many years ago in advance, such as the current U.S. President Barack Obama. He was hand selected many years ago, when he was still a young man in Africa. He is not only an immigrant, but he did not ask for U.S. citizenship. We tell you the reason why he was picked up from another continent and the intrigue in this case was the fact that the leaders of the Illuminati wanted to pick someone who could more easily and effectively substitute you, thus continuing their agenda of complete subjugation and capture people .
We tell you that the president of the United States is not pledged to any government agency. They actually sworn under oath secret Illuminati. They switch from the Republican president on Democratic President, giving the illusion that the change occurs. Mitt Romney — another puppet of the Illuminati. This can not even be considered a mystery, since so many of you already know this. It does not matter if Obama will get millions of votes and Mitt Romney does not get any. Your voting machines will say otherwise, as they were designed and built by the company is owned intrigue (Illuminati) — Diebold.
There are those of you that go around in full slumber, and did not even know that any of this is going on. For this we say to you that ignorance — this is happiness, because they live in a blissful state, because they are totally ignorant of anything that goes on around them.
Do you think that the intrigue (Illuminati) is an insane amount of stockpiled weapons and firepower and ammunition and troops? They are hoarding nuclear weapons and all kinds of deadly weapons, some very highly technologically advanced. Your system HAARP, as you know it, we have been dismantled. We even say that there are many others, and they are still functional.
We say that the split of your military factions is approximately fifty — fifty, yes.
There is a war going on at the surface and there is a war going on down below your surface (Inner World of the Earth — Agartha and Shambhala). there is even a battle going on in these underground bunkers, as we feel it is important that they should be destroyed to prevent intrigue (the Illuminati and their henchmen) any place to run or any place to hide. Some of these underground bunkers outrageously large. They are so large that they could fit a football stadium in them. This functionality is hidden underground and city. They extend for miles, pass through them tunneling systems, and they bind other such cities, some of them are quite large and are very, very deep down into the deeper depths of your land. We tell you that eliminating these silos and the threat they represent, not an easy task. right now, as you read these words there is a detachment of our Earth allies (the people of the world) engaged by gunfire below the surface of your land.
The first thing that intrigue (Illuminati) is going to do if they win this war, turn off your computer system. They're going to turn off all of your phone system, your cell phones. They shut off all your supply routes in your supermarket, they will shut off all of your charge cards and your debit card, and all of your banks are closed, as they no longer need you. They have everything that you have. They have all your money in their bank. If you do not believe us, ask someone else because there are literally millions of people around your world now who understand who they are and what their agenda.
We tell you, love solves a lot of problems, and love overcomes many obstacles, love — a wonderful and amazing and incredibly wonderful gift from our Creator. We say that love has its time, and love has its place, and love has no place in war, and you are in war, whether you like the word or not, or want to believe it, or you make the decision instead of this live in denial, and we tell you there is no place in denial ever. Rebuttal — Your biggest enemy right now, even more than the intrigue (Illuminati). Thus, your first challenge is to defeat the denial.
We are very serious when we say that your planet is in your court. "

I would advise you to read this entire message, because it has a lot of details that I had to omit, but which are important in an informative plan.

Message from September 21:

"Your planet Earth was designed as a large memorial to commemorate the discovery of the fact that all the different worlds, but they have billions and billions elsewhere in this universe, all need to work together to survive, thrive, allow yourself to be fit for the Houses of kings and queens for all beings throughout the universe. So, your planet Earth was built as a memorial to this discovery, that all beings within this universe must find a way to work together and to be a partner with each other. There are no different classes throughout the universe or any of the higher realms.
Many of you reading these words here, as most of you are already fully aware that you are not here. Do your people, from where you come from another of your world, which can be in this galaxy, or perhaps in any other, there is no permanent or temporary settlement here. They may have only embassy here. So some of you from the worlds that have embassy here, but there are many of you here who do not even have embassies here. These people will certainly be going back home or wherever they want to be, but the Earth is not a place where all the creatures of the universe live on a permanent basis.
It may surprise many of you, but the number of people out of you on your planet more than seven or eight billion people, they will minimize significant population of your planet, and this we do not mean that they are going to suffer through the death experience, no. They will return home, as many of you in space ships. And that day is coming for them too quickly.
Your job is to prepare them for this trip home, that is absolutely possible. They need to know we exist. They need to learn about their true stories, and they need to learn what they are about to experience an intimate days ahead, and 'near days ahead, "we do not mean the end of the year. These creatures do not have to rise as they do not rise (do not magnify).
Many of you feel that everything in your entire planet will rise (lifter up) along with your planet and it is not true. there are certain rules and one of those rules — is that there is just a lot of your world, who are not ready, or who does not deserve the raise (Ascension) at this time or at any foreseeable time in the near future or in the distant future. Thus, we hope that you understand this, even though there are some of you who are willing, hopes and dreams that each person on this planet rises (exalt), we tell you that the impossibility of it, and you are the best to create for themselves a future that you do want to experience for yourself and allow others to create a future for themselves.
we say that there are beings on this planet who will not rise (rises in other worlds), and they will also be here.
If there are those of you in your world today who are reading these words does not understand what's going on in your heaven, we will break it right now, once and for all, to clarify any misconceptions. There is a program now being carried out by intrigue (Illuminati), which entails the spraying of harmful, toxic and cancerous chemicals in your blue skies. These chemicals are finding their way to the ground through cloud formation. Due to the weight of these chemicals after they are collected and linked to each other, they fall from the sky in the city, village and your crops that become your food supply that feeds you and your family. This — their plan. Their plan is to kill you. we want to make clear to you that for all of their intentions is to spray chemtrail (him.trassy), which takes place in heaven by your aircraft should just kill you. They sprayed poison you. This poison meant to kill you. Now you see why it's so important to make the arrests of members of a criminal intrigue (the Illuminati and their henchmen), and not what some — you erroneously reported as 'containment'. No lines of communication from a higher dimensional beings would not talk about curbing intrigue, as the appropriate tool to rid the world of this problem, this great invasion (infection) of evil and darkness.
We tell you that deterrence is not part of the plan to free your world of intrigue (Illuminati), and it was never part of any plans that we have in this world. If there are channels in your world, who argue that dealt with higher dimensional beings, and they claim that deterrence — is the answer, and the answer is not all the arrests of members of criminal intrigue, and their partners, they are committing fraud, whether they realize it or No, but it is — what they do, because they make the spread of fraudulent material. We must tell you at this time that there is a division of the Armed forces and police organizations is that, through our intermediary, who acts as contact with them, questioning their purpose. They ask us if they should do contain these participants intrigue (the Illuminati and their henchmen) or continue the arrests.
You can continue your spiritual conversation about how love — this is the answer, and we do agree with you, it's — the answer, but it does not answer any of your intrigues understand or accept. they do not resonate with love, they despise love. Love them disgusting. Love — this invasion (infection) in their homes that are dark, and they are not easy (light energy — light). Their houses are built of dark (dark energy, and it is heavy energy) because they — the dark creatures. This is — as to who they are. They are not easy being you, so do not give them your love. They are not made out of love. They are not creatures of God, no. the one you call God, the one we call our Creator, not create them.
Intrigue (Illuminati) does not know how to cooperate. They're going to continue to plot and intrigue to kill you. not all people within certain families, which you know as the Illuminati, or family intrigue involved in the conspiracy against the people of your world. We want to remind you that, for example, not all members of the extended family Rockefeller (one of the 13 families Illuminati) evil, no. Some of them — the light hearted creatures, yes. Their families are split. There are many people of their families who are beings of light and love, compassion, tolerance and understanding, and they are not greedy as some of the darker members of their family.
There are those of your world, who believe that the Earth allies — the people of your world, unarmed and untrained members of your community and we tell you, no, this is not true. The war of words we use, because that is what goes on in your world. Others have chosen to serve in the army and make the arrests, and we tell you that you support them, sending them your love and your appreciation, not bashing them or criticize them for what they have done these arrests or believed that these arrests were not necessary .
This lie deterrence must be stopped. You do not see these reports on their news that are merely communications plot (Illuminati) and attempts to influence your perception of your world, we tell you that this battle, this war is raging, she is raging throughout your planet in many different ' pockets' (regions). This struggle is the Forces of Light, and we also refer to as them as our Earth allies. We — all alone in the light, and our job is to shine light into the darkness of this world and restore the planet. "

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