Message from the Galactic Federation of September 18,

Your world is still in the conflict between the clique (Illuminati) and our earthly forces (people of the land — allies of the Galactic Federation). We continue to use our resources in order to keep the clique (Illuminati) at a distance, but, nevertheless, it continues to adhere to a set of directions, which aim to destabilize the efforts of our allies, or the beginning of World War II. For example, click inflamed the situation in the Middle East and create a situation that can lead to serious diplomatic action. In the center of it all is the U.S. government and its "friends" who have special interests.

We have sent diplomatic representatives to the Middle East and held a series of meetings with the U.S. government in order to highlight our policy of peace. In the same vein, we gave agreed to meet with the regional governments in the Middle East, which will pursue policies to promote solution for Syria. We are going to start to address this situation by examining the current problems we are witnessing the difficulties in Iran. Considering that is about to begin a new administration, we strongly want to create the conditions for a new peaceful era.

The world will be the basis of a new financial system and disclosure. Formaolnoy to our arrival is the ability to open communication with your governments and with you. A series of statements provide information about the need to move from a world controlled clique (Illuminati), a world free from encumbrances that lead to war, hatred, differences, to an economy based on scarcity. You are on the threshold of the transition period, during which you will begin to learn your true history, your roots and your bright future, based on full awareness. We came as a divine agent of this transformation. Our first meeting with you will lead you to the path that you literally will lead to full consciousness. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we must unite with our neighbors from Agartha (world, located on the inner surface of the Earth). This means that first we have to act as the main players behind the scenes, and then in open partnership with you to a profound change your world community.

These operations represent only half of what we are here to do. The second part — it's your preparation for integration into the Galactic Federation of Light. To date, residents Agartha (inner surface of the Earth) are the only representatives of the solar system on the Main Board of the Federation. The role they performed with as long as the solar system was included in our association 50 000 years ago. The rise of Atlantis and its subsequent destruction marred nature of membership. The union of the peoples of the Earth surface and the Inner (outer and inner surfaces of the Earth), which is about to happen, your solar system will return to the original state and return your star nation its former glory. We revived star nation has special tasks assigned to it by Heaven. You, as a nation, have the ability to "lock and key" galactic world, and create a great place for our conferences with numerous intergalactic neighbors. Many of our distant friends came from other galaxies to witness your return to full consciousness.

Heaven clearly understand the arrogant stupidity of your hosts: Clicks (Illuminati). It took a well-deserved respect and technological superiority to get shaken those stubborn people when it was necessary, we are actively used these advantages. Our Earth allies are fully trust us to finish what they so boldly started. Click to oblige surrender, we are going to use some of the technology. It's divine time to move in transition surface world for peace, love and prosperity.

Namaste! We are the Ascended Masters! We came with good news! Actively developing programs to establish a new financial system. Our allies (among the inhabitants of the land) are ready to expand the way you elements of the system. These programs include the establishment of prosperity and debt forgiveness. We secretly informed by many governments, under pressure from the banking institutions of your world, to be patient and resist the growing violence by clicks. The tactic of "iron hand" quick stop, as soon as a new system based on precious metals. It is important that NESARA (new economic system) was launched in the United States and installed around the world. We have given instructions to follow these guidelines to those who will form a transitional government.

Those responsible for the world's store of precious metals, prepare a program that supports the new financial system. This system consists of many regional currencies, which will serve as a "primary means of exchange." During their origin, these currencies will become a stabilizing agent, which will cease overall inflation characteristic of your current system, and from which your society is so long suffering. Be aware that this financial system will link with the community, does not need the money, with a growing prosperity, as our space family will provide technology to provide food, shelter an entire planetary population. The purpose — to move you from a state of abject need for spiritual and physical prosperity, because it is an important stage of your spiritual journey.

Blessed heavenly beings (the representatives of the Galactic Federation, with the blessing of the Gods) are preparing a series of statements that will be made as soon as the new government is established. Heaven (Gods) want in a new environment that will soon show up on your planet, everyone was in a state of joy and peace, as a profound transformation may shock many. In view of this, it was suggested that a new era of humanity will be preceded by a special event, they have been agreed upon, and in a list. We asked our allies (among the inhabitants of the land) to implement the changes in a special way, little by little. At present, this scenario was put into effect, and we expect that these applications will soon be known to you.

Today we have more information that is ready to happen in front of you. We are all busy with the implementation of the first contact and the preceding events. The end of the Gregorian calendar is only the beginning of events that will lead you to full consciousness. It's time for your new reality! Know, dear, that countless resources and infinite Welfare Heaven belongs to you. So be it! "

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