Message from the Galactic Federation of September 12.

Message from SaLuSa.

"The fact that a lot of things going on in your world, did not go unnoticed to those who are just waking up, and they feel that there is chaos.

Your traditional trusted institutions, such as banks, show their true colors, but so far the answers to their problems do not appear on the surface. However plans for coverage of the event, as they collapse, already prepared.
As with many things with regard to the work of our allies (the people of the world), it is ready to become a reality and is awaiting a suitable opportunity for the introduction. The old corrupt system is not maintained, and the new system is supported for those far-reaching changes that it will bring with it.
The need for a change of government was adopted in order to put your new members of your needs come first.

Serving themselves grew into a huge scale, and financial control and accountability is almost non-existent elsewhere. At the global level, your money goes to fund covert operations that are not allowed by your government, and they are often sent to you, the people to whom they actually have to serve.
This situation continued unchecked for too long, and with the help of our allies (the people of the world), we have made it clear that we intend to put a stop to it. So you see, we are working towards the implementation of the necessary changes.

That you start to learn this great opportunities, which is the use of free energy.
Of course, the oil industry opposes its introduction, but it is a step forward, and progress can not be stopped. Over time, no type of polluting fuels will not apply, and all will use clean and efficient means that above all will include a new mode of transportation.
For those of you who are working in these industries, we can say that your future will be secure. By that time, everyone will benefit from the new financial system, and the redistribution of wealth will ensure that job loss will not affect your position.
In fact, relocation and support for people who stay out of work as a result of any circumstances that would mean a decent standard of living, which will provide all your needs.
In any case, after the Ascension of your life will change and there will be no worries and stress. All your needs will be met, including the necessary shelter and medical care. Of course, would require some time to implement all the changes, but they will happen very quickly. We are fully prepared for any turn of events, and the foundation has been laid for a change, which gives us the necessary opportunity to appear.

Your level of mass consciousness (people) continues to grow, and as a result, more people are waking up. However, many still lie dormant and do not even think about what herald change. We would prefer that they woke up gradually, but there comes a moment in front of the Ascension, when the truth would have come out.
Old beliefs to shake and show their true colors, but even so, we do not want people to react properly. Ultimately, any faith will be seen as a consequence of free choice, and these souls (people) will continue to receive his experience with them in a similar vibration. There is no point in trying to force people to accept something that they are not ready, and it is not our way of action.
Remember that we of the Galactic Federation of Light are here at the request of the divine (our Creator Surya and Ra), and our goal is to prepare you for Ascension. Follow from this and other commitments, as it is desirable to make the path as smooth as possible.
On the offensive end times was known a long time ago, but only recently have begun to understand it fully. Duality, as you know, it will soon be over, and our work, and the work of our allies (the people of the world) is to prepare you and Mother Earth to ascend.
It was already done a lot of work and you will see its final result.

You are at a stage where at any moment can happen anywhere, and it would not be unexpected.
We continue to operate, which is tracking any country that possesses nuclear weapons, to prevent their use. For us, with our highly advanced technology, it is quite an easy task, and we believe that the military is aware that in vain do otherwise.
We are, so to speak, stripped tiger teeth, but he still has claws.
We have at various times been accessed to all leaders with a proposal to completely ban such weapons, but they have such distrust that this could not be achieved. Whatever it was, it would not be significant, because very soon restore peace and war, as well as everything related to them will be gone forever.

Vibration on the Earth will increase your levels of consciousness (people) to the point where you can see that war is a crime against humanity. As a result, the movement for the restoration of peace has never been so strong. It caused numerous mass demonstrations demanding the freedom to determine your own future, and the call will not go unanswered.
Days of the reign of dictatorship are numbered, and you will be of the soul (the people) who love and care for their fellow man.
From this point on your journey goes to Ascension, which will bring you all of the promised benefits.

We know that some of you are tired of the hardships of life on Earth, but you must realize that you will receive an abundance of other very acceptable change. You can think of them as a reward for your commitment to the Path of Light and your rise to higher dimensions. It's so different from what you're used to, that only souls (people) belonging Light can make a quantum leap forward. So pay attention to all that relates to the higher vibration, because they are pure and whole.
I look at your Earth from afar, and I'm so pleased to see so many of the light emanating from it. Continue to send it, for the end of your cycle is here, and you are the winner. "

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