Message from the Galactic Federation through SaLuSa from October 17.

Do you realize that this year in particular, your levels of consciousness has grown to such an extent that you are more than balanced the dark energy. You get that, there seems to have light and anchor it to the world (people are able to receive, hold and radiate a high energy in the space of creation).

This helped to put an end to the domination of the Dark Forces (the Illuminati and their henchmen), which can only hope to sow fear, thus postponing his inevitable defeat (Dark Personality powered from the negative feelings of people, for example, fear). They have not yet finished, but now we can completely isolate them and protect their allies (people of the Earth.) Their final elimination is only a matter of formality. They can no longer turn to for advice reptiles (This is the Reptilians, who lived in caves in the underground cities. Recently held a job with one of the Masters of Shambhala: spoke of the Ascension and the path. Reptilians have chosen the path of light and ascended into the 5th dimension the ships of the Galactic Federation) and are only a pale reflection of who they were. This means that the last weeks before the Ascension will not be as catastrophic as some of the old prophecies. Indeed, the presence of the Galactic Federation of Light, which has the power to prevent any major incident, you will have enough comfortable journey the rest of your trip (the remaining time before the Ascension).

Meanwhile, we encourage all Lightworkers do not relax, and continue to promote change within their own communities. A lot of things you can do at the local level to help regain their independence, and we see on the formation of even more independent. We welcome this approach, for he is to lay the foundation for what will be later, when all the laws, took away your right to be revised. Thanks Tricks Dark Forces (the Illuminati and their henchmen) they were taken from you gradually, and you did not even realize what was happening. As you should know now that you were on the brink of slavery, but it is no longer possible. Have long to wait until you are released from the bonds, who took away your freedom.

Progress has always been slow in the world, but he is going in the right direction. You do not have much to wait long until there will be events that will understand that the end times (Experiment Duality on the Earth) is really happening. We know that you would like to see us much earlier, but in the end you have nothing to lose. All you have promised, waiting for you, and the events have long passed the stage where the dark forces (the Illuminati and their henchmen) can stop them. What you have achieved to date without us, is amazing, and your awakening more and more accelerated. This will make our appearance is much easier to read people, and we are still talking to your leaders about it. Of course, we would prefer to quickly resolve all this, but we set its own deadline for this. If necessary, we will take their own actions to ensure that disclosure would no longer meet the delay.

We so admire those Lightworkers who are working hard, doing their missions, often not knowing how long they need to do it. For each one, the end of time is getting closer, and they know that they will be rewarded for their hard work. Their loyalty will be rewarded when they find out what a difference they have made, and realize how many they have helped many souls in their evolution. After the Ascension of life will be much easier, and there will be no conflict and negativity. If you can imagine what it's like to be with souls like himself, a little realize how wonderful it would be. By the time you also have to meet with your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth, which have long passed into the Light (The inner world is filled with earth energies of the 5th Dimension). Then it will be truly a time of great celebration, and of course, we will also take part in them.

You can get tired and try to go beyond the duality, but you have to intuitively know whether your journey is complete. The last days will be pretty chaotic for some of you who have still unresolved karmic problems. Do what you know is right, because you can not take anything from the old vibrations along. This is likely to apply to you personally, and if you are not sure, try to find a peaceful and quiet time when you can go inside yourself for the answers. In fact, you have all the knowledge in itself, but usually you do not remember how to use them. Just make sure that your ego (lowland part of the person) does not get in the way and does not interfere with your higher self (soul), because it acts on behalf of your old self (old habits third measurements and dual thinking). Over time, of course you will get rid of these problems, because will gain a higher level of consciousness.

Power in the world still belongs to you, the people, so the Illuminati tried to take away your rights dishonest ways. Just enough to get some of you to unite with a common purpose and a strong intention, and you will be surprised to learn how strong energy it will have. The idea is powerful, but it needs to sustain faith, if you want to have a chance of achieving their goals. For some time you join the different movements for peace, and it will bring you closer to achieving it. World peace must come, and it will be launched very soon. War is like the plague, and they did not bring anything but misery and debt to participating nations. Think about the number of families that have been separated senseless acts of war, and the loss of loved ones.

We can tell you that those who serve their country, are disappointed by what they learn. Also, with the growth levels of consciousness will grow and the number of those who wish to leave the service. War is a rough game, and it's even more devastating to the development of technologies in the military sphere. As with everything else, so there is no place in the future, it can not sustain itself, and should be obsolete. You know and we know that if the same energy is invested in peace, he would have many years ago. You could live in full communion and enjoy an acceptable standard of living, without poverty or need.

Of course, the world of which we speak, should be yours, and it will come a lot faster than you can imagine. We have worked with your government for a long time to make it a reality, and if possible, we plan to make it to the end of this year. This is what we will be allowed to implement, and we have every opportunity to do so. Nothing can hide from us, and we will also know whether we are being deceived in the preparation of agreements. We believe this is unlikely, because by the time the "necessary" people will be led by each country. No more time to play with the future of all of you, so we will only deal with those who are positive and sincerely defend your interests.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I thank those who have worked diligently and honestly for the return of your freedom.

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