Message from the Galactic Federation through SaLuSa from October 12.

Like you, we have to deal with the delays, but as long as we can still meet our objectives as planned, that's not really our concern. We can easily adapt to any circumstances, but for you it means more frustrating because we can not give you anything other than that until dry information about events.

Looking at your business, we can see how so many groups get a free hand and do a good job, which accelerates the inevitable end of the last remnants of a secret elite. We will be ready at the right time finally throw them into the abyss of oblivion, that they no longer pose a threat to you or us. This will be a signal for us to move quickly to our mission. By the strong desire of the world economic collapse is inevitable. What you see is the last desperate attempt of the Dark Forces (Illuminati minions) to cling to what they still have, but their power is melting before our eyes.

Some governments with whom we contacted, support change and are willing to cooperate, while others show no such desire and try to keep the old system. But in reality, no matter how they tried to prevent it, the changes are coming, and they will not be able to avoid taking part in them. No matter what political views are, like all other countries, they are left with no choice but to change. Solutions that we offer to overcome your problems, the only answer that will soon enough result. They will lead you to the inconvenience to a minimum, and an understanding of their need to do so that these plans will receive sufficient support.

Change is harder to bring together people, and at the end of all wars, they bring the wonderful world of the Earth. This will also contribute to the emergence of trust between the different countries, and the barriers that exist between some of them to fall. Once you reach this level of cooperation, the remaining changes quickly follow. Military industry and other areas of military force will be disbanded, but later peacekeeping force to replace them, and they will act solely for defensive purposes. At the moment, the military bases around the world are a threat incite war, and it will also change. In the future, no country will not be placed foreign troops, and the people there will be no doubt that the world is permanent, and that it will be supported by us.

So, as you can see, your plans for the release and return of your independence are ready. This means that you need not worry about threats of war. It will not be permitted, and (we — Galactic Federation) quite made it clear that nuclear weapons should not be used, and we will monitor the implementation of such order (Surya). Path to ascension becomes wider and attracts more souls (people) who believe in the things for which we and our allies (the people of the world) are working. Dear ones, is simply no other way, and believe us, that all matters relating to your ascension, were fully considered. And until we reach the optimum conclusion, we are doing what is best for all, without violating the free will of people go the other way, if that is their choice.

Our intention was never to impose my views to you, but only to make sure that those who wish to ascend, had every opportunity to do so. Changes it is what you wanted, but were denied due to the fault Illuminati wanted to prevent your rise to the top. Therefore, their adoption seems natural, because they were already planned as part of your life experience. Few souls (people) can remember your life plan, and in fact the best when you solve problems as they arise, or you would have tried to anticipate them and change the outcome. Sometimes, you seek the help of a clairvoyant who give explanation of the situation for you, and this kind of assistance is allowed, but the final decision and action are completely up to you. In the same way, no one can take your karma, some souls will be in agreement to work with you to help.

Some souls (people) will be hard to believe that they have volunteered to learn Duality. However, every one of you did it, knowing that you speed up its evolution and will add his experience to the total pot of knowledge (of the soul and the universe). On a subconscious level (the Soul), all this known to you, as well as the promise of those who are over, keep track of your progress for eons, to help you. They serve God, and serve you, and do you plan on Ascension. You were given a word that in no event shall the dark forces (Masters of Darkness and their henchmen) will not be allowed to interfere with your Ascension, and so you have to grab hold of this wonderful opportunity to ascend with Mother Earth.

Ahead of you are hard times, but you will experience them, and eventually climb even higher to the light. Time flies fast, and change is getting closer and closer, and we can not make any predictions, and so when it is clear that the end of time (dual material world) is about to happen. Can you believe that the (past) millennium was 13 years ago, and when you look back on your progress, it will be especially true with regard to your levels of consciousness. The energy of light and love has spread like wildfire, and Phoenix (updated our world) in its highest expression is about to rise again over the ashes. It has the power to change all that relates to the lower energies that no longer exist on the new level, where you go.

The apparent lack of activity does not mean that little something going on, when in fact we are busier than ever, thereby undermining attempts to hinder progress. Dark forces (Illuminati minions) masters cause problems, but we all know their intentions and keep them under control. They do not always grasp the initiative, and we can anticipate their moves and stop them from achieving their goals, and this undermines their morale, which had fallen very low. Their game is over, and the time has come to an end, and they would be best to step aside and give the game to end as planned (another 13 000 years ago, authors' Duality — Gods of the Universe 11 stair treads that are on Nibiru — was delivered condition for the Masters of Darkness, agreed to take part in the experiment: in the end of the experiment to help people wake up and go back to the light.) But they (the Master of Darkness, now known as the Illuminati) continue to stubbornly try to postpone their inevitable fate and retention, which will call them to account for their crimes against humanity.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I can tell you that the Galactic Federation of Light has never been more ready than now, and she is ready to take action immediately. A few weeks of your time, it's just a second how we experience time, so the end of the time for us to ever close, but for you it is also accelerating.

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