Message from the Masters of the Galactic Federation of Light 12. 09. 2012

Epistle Nastsetusa.

At this time, all of you have attended to the adoption of the co-creators Oath (which suggested Surya — the Supreme Goddess 2 level, which creates and oversees our solar system). This event in the life of every person on Earth enables us to understand, first of all to himself, to which side (to the Light or Dark) adjoins his heart (soul), which way it goes (evolution or degradation ascent or descent). Oath — is to check everyone's identity forces of light.

And this action is not external but internal. Externally, you can all sign the form, but inwardly remain in their positions, who — believing, who — apparent darkness. And just who is in his soul (person), a pronounced oath of allegiance to the Creator, and he is the co-creator (reached in the spiritual development level Lightworker, mentors, teachers), and he gets into the sixth race (to be taken up by the earth in space of the 5th Dimension and will be the basis from which six will race. fact that even after going transmutation, we stay five race of Aryans. But our descendants will belong to more advanced spiritually and talent second race).

You, in your world of duality, so accustomed to lie, so it is with you grow together, many for the sake of their own interests and for other reasons, can publicly accept any obligation to subscribe to any vows, but in reality and will continue to live with their distorted representations. But I want to disappoint these opportunists. God can not be deceived! And if you have signed the form of loyalty to the Creator, and themselves in the soul (person) have a new direction of life, other interests, it will not help you any forms, none of your formal signature.

Your vibrations and your aura you can not fake. The Space Energy has put everything in its place. And do not be surprised to find care of dense world of people already gave oath cocreator (Lightworker, mentors, teachers). Deception can not get to heaven. You entrance into the sixth race (in the 5th dimension, where land rises and some people are ready for the Rapture) either buy or do not get tricked.

Time takes guile. And you'd better take up their efforts to improve and make changes to your, let not you're ready for the first peak of the quantum transition (it is the beginning of a mass ascension 12/21/12), and to the subsequent (The transition will continue until March 2013, when the Maldenu — Assumption of the Earth can go with a 2-dimensional planets duplicates created for nevoznosyaschihsya Surya), but it will be honest about yourself and without guile before others.

Epistle Entarprona

Today we explain the importance of the event in your life — taking vows co-creator (Lightworker, mentors, teachers). In life, everyone is a "watershed." Everyone checks themselves — whether it is ready to serve the Creator, and still serves himself and his ego (the low-lying parts of the self). Whether it has reached the level of the co-creators (Lightworker, mentors, teachers), and whether it is ready to enter the sixth race (ascend with Earth in the fifth dimension where time will race 6), or whether it should drop all their prejudices and to use the remaining time in duality for the development and preparation for the transition. And someone did realize that the sixth race was not for him, and will free the Earth, moving to another planet to re-training (one of the 2-dimensional planets duplicate Earth).

Creator (Surya) gave you all an opportunity to look at ourselves and understand at what level (spiritual development) you are, what you should do. The oath is important for your soul (personality), not appearances. Externally, through the signing of the contract, you acknowledge your striving soul. This signature is more for yourself than for others. Himself (his soul), you can not cheat, you clearly know who you really are, while your three-dimensional consciousness (personality), the carnal mind, dodge and looking for tricks to serve your ego (the low-lying parts of the self), type in the surrounding ignorance, hide your true self.

It's time you realize that in the future can not deceive anyone, in your aura will become immediately clear who you are and what you have intentions. If in any dishonesty, deceit, all this is immediately reflected in your aura, and anyone seen the true nature of your words and actions. Understand that. And send all your energy and ability not to deceive others and pleasing his ego (lowland Personality), and to work on yourself to your spiritual development, cleaning themselves from dark energy and undivine qualities. While there is time, it is necessary to use it properly — for its improvement.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Today in our flow Brothers stewards energies. You are loved by their unusual energy and strength. Many in the Universe entity you do not already know, a lot of interesting energy, but we give you the ones most useful now for your development and improvement.

When you climb into the higher dimensions (in the four-dimensional world of the 5th Dimension), then you will be able to more deeply feel the energy and the other levels. In the meantime, enjoy, take all of the Lords, who come to you and carry their energy support.

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