Now at the moment we start to talk to you about this deployment and magical memories of their natural abilities in you.

Energy New Era promote that you possess sacred gifts that have initially cellular memory in DNA.

To expand its multidimensional divine power, you must:

— Sense of purpose. Why do you need to remember how to use your primal magical gifts? Be honest with yourself: Do you want fame? You are involved with a sense of power, of superiority over people? This will allow you to gain position in society? This is a tempting means of enrichment? You are jealous of those who have a particular gift is disclosed? Are you worried that you have to "catch up and overtake"? Do you have a goal — to serve humanity frankly, of course, but do not know how to do it?

So, answer honestly and sincerely to these questions, because only then you will be able to go deep inside yourself to see the reason (s) that would prevent or help you on your way.

For if you have not explained Dar (gifts), so that it prevents your ego out of control awareness. That's the only reason — your resistance, your unwillingness.

Therefore, the second step leading to the disclosure of the gifts is:

— CONTROL OF EGO (emotions (Person)). Be aware of the presence of dogma in your life:

— who or what you will not accept, what or whom you condemn?

— What do you think it impossible?

— What for you is the fact that you indicated by the words "always" and "never"?

— Whom you can not forgive, thank and release?

— ADOPTION. Accept the fact that you are worthy of that, you open the divine gifts for good.

— Expressed his intention. You say the universe that you are willing to open their gifts, gifts, if appropriate, synchronicity and the good of all.

— The balance of Yin and Yang (Masculine-Feminine). Its adoption of the opposite sex, power quality Masculinity-Femininity — is gaining full value of Energy, Divine Perfection and Virtue in itself. Accept all gifts of masculinity and femininity within themselves, like the diverse manifestations of energy Yin and Yang. Discover the huge potential of the Sacred Forces in their everyday reality!

— BALANCING AND IDEAS MATTER. You consider yourself a spiritual person? What is Spirituality?

If you, for example, the practices, but are using for their own purposes the ideas and projects of others, your gifts are not disclosed due to the fact that you have a weak connection to the spiritual world of ideas, insights and inspirations. Learn how to store energy, to create their own, something unique and special for the good of all!

If you, for example, the theorist and think that we should not bother so to get up from a chair and to materialize the idea yourself, your gifts are not disclosed, because you have a lack of communication with the world of matter. Learn to work, co-create something real. Do you already have raw material — your ideas! And before these ideas carry the World, try to grow the fruit of this mental Corn! There was an idea — rub your hands and go!

Only equilibrated idea and matter can be opened gifts! Freely you have to use because not only theoretically, but practically! (Smile Miraelya).

For Spiritual — this idea, and the fruit of creation for good. You can not be spiritually "in the eternal design", as it is impossible to be spiritual in a constant consumption intentions of other people.

Thus, the mental and physical laziness — the most common reasons that your gifts are still "languishing" in the back of you!

— SCIENCE CONCENTRATION. This is facilitated by meditation, as long as possible centering energies on one thing. How do you meditate? One, two and you're done? What is your meditation: a mental "jog" or the Sacrament of comprehension of essence?

If you meditate, but can not hold long enough concentration, if your (thoughts) can not stop even for a moment, even in the sacred moment of your existence, then you have a problem! (Smile Miraelya). The gift enabled the Art concentration. Any gift.


Since the art of getting information we devote a separate meeting, we shall mention only a few things at the moment is now.

So Channeling — is the ability to concentrate, to stop internal monologue ego (personality), open the heart (soul) for the energy of high vibrations. This concentration of energy in the liaison with the Higher World you (with a soul, with which you can communicate with other souls and God.)

Try to meditate on one image of at least 15 minutes to reach their communication channel of love. Otherwise you can receive dictation from his ego (personality), and it is always ready to serve you! (Smile Miraelya).

And remember: You are responsible for every word that you received!


This is the ability to focus on feelings of another person, animal, etc.

You are able to listen to the interlocutor, without interrupting your own words? You are able to actually hear the person to see the images he sends you smell he describes the landscape, see the color of clothes he met interesting people, to feel the coolness of rain, in which he got today, feel the tenderness, which he shows to a loved one?

And when listening to the interlocutor, who do hear the impatient voice of the ego or the energy of words speaker?

You are able to hear the person when he is silent? Or do you attribute to him what you would like him to think?

So, you have to learn not to interrupt, feel and image of the interlocutor without illusions perceived silence of the man.

Telepathy — this communication is not the mind, the brain (intellectual activity is on the card), and the heart (soul).

Telepathy — is communication, not thoughts, and feeling-images.

And then you begin to comprehend the world of telepathy. This communication channel is through the Heart (Soul). That's all.

All you need: their open heart (soul) gently touch the opening of the heart (soul) of the desired "Interlocutor" and asked him to talk, but not immediately, roughly and violently, trying to convey information.

Feel the first resolution, so to pass the information (not for the heart communicates ideas, and colorful images and harmonious state), and then check the results.

Myslepaket — this energy is generated, which have a higher vibration than the idea more quickly and substantively.

Realize HEALING neighbor.

This concentration of energy of Grace and its distribution in the presence of the patient or at a distance.

It is believed that healing — a process of "doing": the imposition of hands, massage, conspiracy, operations, etc. All that was appropriate for the old energy.

Healing — is the transfer of state of health, peace, joy and love. This result code Presence in the Here and Now.

You are just next to the patient, comfort him, relax, enter into meditation Disclosures Heart (Soul through the heart chakra) and pass your Heart (Soul), telepathically, Code Presence of Grace, Higher Self (Soul).

All you need to master this gift — to feel the grace and presence for hours and be able to focus, fix yourself in this state, at any time, cause this harmony. This is the practice of the Soul!

So, at the moment the presence of the patient Code energetically connected to your Higher Self (Soul) (consciously) and expresses its intention: "Beloved Higher Self (Soul), when I realized the lesson perfectly, let me heal, to begin healing the Here and Now. Thank you "

New Age healer — it is also a conductor of energy from the Higher Self (Soul), the one who sends the settings of Healing.

Expensive, can only heal your higher self (energy on healing the body gives the soul). No matter what you or the Light Master asked, you get a broker who receives either the resolution or the rejection of the higher self (your soul).

Your disease — a lesson that improves the Soul (Person). Pass consciously lesson, get permission from your Higher Self (Soul) on healing.

New Age healer — a man who has the grace to pass Code patient. The code promotes communication with the Higher Self (Soul), a sacred conversation Soul (Person) and I Am Presence (Soul). If the healer treats only the physical body, it gets a karmic return. If the healer did not fit and trying to pass Health Code the appropriate body, He thus worsen the patient's condition.

You Light, Love and Gifts Disclosure!

Always with you, Mirael, your friend.

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