Message of Kryon September 4, 2012

The message says about our work on options for Ascension.

"You're different, but you have one goal, one link — this is your unconditional love and the desire to raise your vibration Lady Gaia (Earth) is so high, and co-create the scenario of the quantum transition, which has never before known universe. That is, what are you working on now? That's exactly what your eyes are fixed. (Kryon serious)

You work for the co-creation of this option as being in consciousness, meditation and work in a state of sleep. However, somehow you still find time for conflict with each other, trying to prove that you … your team has achieved more than others. Not a good idea, because you are all one family under the name of Humanity! And we, your family, for a thin veil that is barely there, see and feel the same as you! .. Feel the unity between all of us!

Now, dear Trailblazers Spirit, to draw your attention to the fact, as will be discussed in your current conversation. It's about the first peak of the quantum transition 12/21/2012 Year (start of mass ascension). You already know a lot, a lot has been read by you, as well as a number of scenarios constructed.

— But how exactly would you change? What will it be?

It will be different. This word is trying to convey to you is that all of you have a different experience (level of spiritual development), accumulated over many years of duality (life on Earth), and the experience of stellar lifetimes on other planets "

Slightly depart from the Epistles:

13,000 years ago, the gods of the Universe 11 stair treads that live on Nibiru, invited all interested souls pass duality experiment on planet Earth.
This was not there before. All Worlds Leading our universe at the time gave their representatives to participate in this experiment is to get a unique experience.

In addition to them in the world all these years, 13,000 were born Star Wanderers — Teachers of Light with White City that floats in space. In Star Wanderers, besides gaining experience of duality, there was another good reason to be here: they want to fix the errors that led to the death of the Atlantean race during their change of times, and help the world prepare for the next turn of time — in our own time, that is, now.

All Souls, whose house is not a land, return to their worlds, before or after the Ascension. They will meet with the family on their space ships that arrived from all the inhabited worlds and are waiting for the moment to pick them up.

Continuing on the message:

And then I take a break in order to give you a reason to think about what all this talk about different experiences.

Dear partners, dearest Lightworkers! That you intend to … intend to co-create a quantum leap, which was not there before (we were the first in the universe, who is going to rise through the transformation of the physical body, not through death and rebirth, as is done in other worlds) and the keyword here is "intent ". Slightly above mentioned that you are working day and night for the co-creation of scenarios and I can tell you that everything is going exactly as you planned! … And even a little ahead of schedule, which you have taken as a basis.

— Kryon, what do you mean ahead of schedule? Is the first peak of the quantum transition will happen before 12/21/2012 the year?

Dear Golden Angels! No, and no again! The issue is about another event that you build. It is a timing diagram, not an event but a likely scenario. You see, many of the quantum transition scenarios and to know what will be 100% impossible, because the consciousness of humanity is changing rapidly, but changes to the light and that's fine, dear friends! It's … beautiful!

I can tell you the following. At the moment, there is one scenario out of many possible, which you took the course, and quickly go to it. It is a quantum Ascension during the first peak of the jump (21.12.12).

— What it is noteworthy? — Ask.

— Very much, you are at their highest level I (their souls), as well as at the level of awareness, like during the first peak of the quantum leap to jump the whole family (planned mass ascension, and not an individual, as before).

— But how to achieve it, how?

— Yes, indeed, this is a complex question to which the answer — Quantum (a gradual increase in the energy of a high vibration, through which there is a transformation of the body into a luminous carbon silicon).

I can tell you, my friends, those of Lightworkers that are fully awake (by which we mean it is full awakening and connection to your Higher Self (Soul and Personality of unity in which there is an awakening of memory for past life), try their best to awaken other Lightworkers. Though, here it would be appropriate to say, not a revival, and the provision of comprehensive care for the final awakening in the Light. This is what you're doing.

This is an extremely difficult task that you have set. But many times we have told you that for you, nothing is impossible if you have directed their hearts (souls), and thoughts to the light, for you are a co-creator, and, moreover, you — Creators Creators future …!

Now there is one tense moment when we are all together as a family (which is the — Family of Light), on both sides of a thin veil of labor over the grand plan of the quantum transition, in which you, dear pioneers, dear Golden Angels, plays a central and leading role ".

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