Message to the teachers of Shambhala 13-16. 09. 12

Message of Pallas Athena

Gradually, more and more people pay attention to the fact that the material life and not life itself, but only the spiritual development and perfection of the soul can be called real life.

It is difficult after so many years of existence in the illusion (the material world) suddenly begin to see clearly, to understand that all that was done, was not the main thing in life, did not carry the special benefits the soul, its improvement.

Now there was an opportunity to change everything. Change yourself, change your life, shake off the illusion of glamor (the material world), and switch to real life (to live interests of the Soul). Take their improvement under his control.

Gradually, in the processes of awakening (self-awareness, as the immortal soul) attracted more and more people are picking up a lot of that energy at which there will wave avalanche wake of all the peoples of the Earth. We are waiting for this event, giving you the power and guidance, supporting your development and improvement. But the main work — yours. You change and everything changes. You will continue to live on the planet updated, creating new world.

Message from Mother Mary

Today we will accept peace for balancing energy of your state, for its harmonization. Energy quiet quiet joy.

Our messages let you do it. We lay them at different levels of energy and quality. Some energy — to wake, others — to enhance your strength, for your improvement, and these — for peace and harmony. You can also make it feel, reading our messages. And even those who have already developed a sensitivity to energy, can, through our cycles Epistles feel all swings and pereklikaniya energy, as a kind of language without words.

In higher dimensions (in four worlds or higher) communication is through energy without words. Words are needed in your busy world. Messenger (contactee) must come from us the energy to translate into understandable words for you. Translation may not be completely accurate, but the energy that we assign to words, images and energy layer Epistles, reading them, you read and perceive through my heart (soul) and nasal energy. It gives you the power to change yourself and your life, to part with a non-divine qualities to begin to improve in the Spirit (stronger connection with the soul, which is the Holy Spirit through the particle contact parents by God). Without this energy layer our messages would appear as a collection of words about something general, and not really have an effect on you.

Those people who are influenced by the control of the dark side (the Illuminati and their henchmen) in our messages do not see energy as Dark Essence (bad character) block the perception of high-vibration energy (through doubt and disbelief), underestimate the vibration person (playing on his vices and passions), remove it from contact with the forces of light. If a person gets out of the control of the dark side (the Illuminati and their followers), he again begins to feel our energy, energy of the Epistles. Sensitivity will gradually increase, and he once again experience the joy of perception energies coming to you the Hierarchy of Light, and begin to distinguish the subtleties of the energy of their personalities (Each Master, God, the Creator of its energy, in which sensitive people can easily distinguish one from the other. So exactly contactees determine who come to them.)

We rejoice when a person returns to a path of perfection, when he becomes aware of where he should go, with whom to be, restores their sensitivity to the subtle energies of the higher worlds.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Hello, all! Cheers! And soul and body. Health consciousness (personality) and filled with tall, clean energy. Many souls (people) are yearning for a peaceful and happy life, perhaps no rush to think about the laws of the Universe, pay attention to the world around you. Look at its diversity and nuances in the manifestation.

Hustle and bustle do not give you a look around. Whee you run somewhere, something to strive for. When you miss that race past his gaze life itself in all its diversity, do not notice its unique appearance.

All around you, and you, yourself, are all unique and unrepeatable in its manifestation. Today, we give you peace of energy that you are a bit tamed his vanity and feel the life around us, its multifaceted manifestations. Felt a quiet joy, felt in his life and the unity of all manifestation is on the planet.

Message from Serapis Bey.

Time inevitably reduced to the first peak of the quantum transition is less than 100 days. Even by the standards of men, it is not so much. And in these remaining days many of you have yet to realize itself and open understanding of the processes in the world.

Many people think that it's nothing special, and not, as usual. It externally. Energy layer, the level has changed dramatically. It is as if in the same form to replace the contents, for example, in the bank, you can pour the water, and you can pour the juice. External form — the bank is the same, but the inside — the contents of the cans are completely different. This is a simple example. In life much more difficult, and the external form is not constant, but varies under the influence of the content.

The changing energy affects the change of the body. It changes, though perhaps not as fast as one would like some of you. Peering closely at yourself, you may find that you are not the ones that were two years ago.

Speed up over time accelerates change. They are on the rise, and each passing day accelerates your changes. Of course, your change will be when you are not this way. Use the proper power, avoid negative energies that block your development.

Process goes on. You are changing. This process — an evolutionary sequence, lasting. Do not expect dramatic changes in myself. Everything is going quite smoothly, allowing you to adapt to the changing space. Attempting to skip this step in your life to no good will not. Sudden changes will cause severe pain, but even those changes that now happens to you, accompanied by some ailments and pain. You sometimes do not attach any importance to this, I think that just unwell, as you had before, throughout your life. But it's not the disease that have been used to, this is not the disease, although outwardly manifested pain and distortion of your body, deviations from its steady state.

Do not get ahead of ourselves, let's see how you will change further, and you will be aware that you are in reality.

Message from Kuthumi

I always happily regular communication with you. Always willing to share their energies to help you by giving them to your development, supporting you.

Many people would like some dramatic changes in myself, would like to feel a fundamental restructuring of the organism. I understand. You want the external evidence in itself that would have strengthened in the belief that change is in fact what is actually changing energy Spaces actually goes restructuring your organisms.

If you look at from the outside and for a long period of time, then immediately visible changes have occurred to you, as if to bow to the look of your current situation, it seems that there is no change as not. So you can think of, because changes are evolutionary, imperceptible for a short period of time, and its previous state you do not remember, the future state do not know. So you and it is hard to evaluate the changes that occur to you. But time goes on, go and change your shell, and eventually they will become such that you will understand the changes taking place with you, and with the surrounding area.

Please be patient. All will be in due time. Accelerate the processes of change is needed. Untimeliness will not give you any good spawn only discomfort. But slow down and lock your changes also do not need to, because you drop out of the process of harmonious change according to the change of Space. The lag in the change also creates pain that taking the disease, you are trying to treat by conventional methods known to you throughout your life. These methods and this treatment can have an impact on this "disease" because it is not actually a disease but a non-synchronous change in your body because of the mismatch with the change of space.

For a change, we have harmony in many epistles give you an explanation, nothing new about it really. You all know, there is only to follow it, to apply in their lives.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Many can not wait to feel the coming of the New World. So long you've all been waiting for this, and now stand at the threshold and patience to the limit. Fills you desire quickly verify the reality of the peak approximation of quantum transitions. You want proof.

Lack of patience and peace of mind in their perfection is your throwing between different forces. Dark Essence (dark Personality Illuminati and their minions) use your instability and manipulate your mind (you as a person). Takes you to the followers of the path of the Force light on the dark side, under the management of deterrent (Masters of Darkness).

You need to have a calm internal state, and not to succumb to various tricks, stop your development on the way of the Spirit (enhancing communication with your Soul, other souls and God.) You decide — who you be. It is your free choice. The closer the target date (21/12/12), the greater the temptation leading away, more will be destabilizing your inner state of various factors. Certain check your classification to the forces of Light. How much do you want to be with them as you take the true worship the Creator, not your ego (the low-lying parts of the self).

The difficult time for you, and this we warned you. Be careful making your choice, it determines your future.

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