Message to the teachers of Shambhala 23. 09. 12

Message of Surya!

I AM come to you today with a new message of Heaven (of the gods)! Today we will talk to you about desire. Ordinary, carnal feelings, which are often found in your everyday life. That's the way your world that desires always get the better of you, but many times it is imperceptible. We'll give everyone a little lesson for the difference themselves desires and acceptance of your life.

Can not adjust themselves to lust. What does this mean? When your ego (the low-lying parts of the personality) makes you want and desire at the same time. Allow such a bright man in his state is simply unacceptable, even mentally. We have a lot of time, you are talking about that. Repetition, the mother of learning. Do not be lazy to re-read our messages to you. They contain all you need at this point of time. That's your first wish to read the Message of the Masters, but not attached to them. Attachment to the teachings of our energies for you and you have the lust that you have made in your soul. This little comparison helps to understand the essence of your desires or excessive desires something. In all today need a "golden" mean, everything!

Our energy can help keep balance in your subtle bodies. You know perfectly well that this will not be last forever. Therefore, giving you time to strengthen learning. The purpose of our knowledge and energy, to open at the right time within you. This is always possible for co-tuning to certain vibrations with us. Elevated spiritual state you purchase always and every second of everyday life, do not forget about it. Reasons for lowering your vibration set, list them does not make sense, you are required to keep this in mind always.

Time flies fast. Your achievements over a given many tangible results. However, many more people around you did not come into contact with our works and changes the world. Strange as it seems, but a large part of the population of your country do not believe in our teachings and transition. I would say more, do not believe in our and your already Messengers, that they seem to be the mediators of deterrence (Masters of Darkness — Illuminati and their henchmen). Why will each choose their direction of travel. Prove to provide examples and a lot of good reasons why they are right we do not have time, it is very soon all will show the truth. Remaining work on them in the onset of dark (the Illuminati and their henchmen), for your own spiritual growth.

Thank the situation and the people you life presents today. So you get a lesson and test of resistance of your Spirit (resistance due to your soul, a particle of the Holy Spirit in you, and through them with the Parent God). And we are happy to see your progress. Believe us, before your doubts to carry many of the divine power you have (with the negative emotions of the soul energy consumption doubled, leading to rapid fatigue). Now is the time when you yourself can distinguish negative from positive is easy, with no additional energy spent.

And to your liking. You do have the option of being wanted to distinguish the desired process. Your potential is huge. He is within you. Expand your capabilities, talents, skills, and there is no longer any need to wish something from the outside, all you have with you. This uniqueness in you, inside you, use it at the right time. When to turn out this practice in itself, will leave from you all desire, your lust. Your essence will become solid, independent, individual person. So we can see you all, and many of them have become. Nice to talk to you as an equal. We have been waiting for this time to share experiences friendly. Yes, you have the experience of the present embodiment, and it will be history for future generations and other worlds (the majority of people in the new world will forget his current life as a bad dream, they begin to form a new identity, more adapted to the new reality.) This reality for everyone. Make efforts to work on yourself, and you will pay double the space (the energy spent by the person on the spiritual work for the common good, doubly compensated Gods). No undivine desires, there is a desire to create and build! With that I say good-bye. Glad to meet you!

Message of Shiva!

Today, in a unique, historical time is possible. Remind you of this is no accident. You can change the space, to manage, to desire, to want to be and all that you do! Like all tempting, interesting, but it is appropriate to remind you and your liability in this case. Nobody ever will charge you to it. Responsibility for their actions by you above all. Laws of the universe are simple but eternal. Get used to them and you. No time to paint on the importance of the events of the transition, your spiritual growth, change of space, all the inquisitive mind sees and learns.

So do not waste your time today to empty, fleeting desires tight plan. Illusion (three-dimensional material world 3rd Dimension) completes rule over you. Many realize this and they are not your "hotelok" all have and acquire as before on the rise. This attitude to the dense world of matter is commendable, but it is not all the strength. Your desires are coming from ego (personality). Your aspirations come from the soul. This is what you should always remember. As soon as the thought of buying something in the next time you need a mind (personality) to switch on the mind (a particle of the Holy Spirit in you), your heart (soul) needs to tell the subject. You will easily cope with your lust. This approach will teach you how to analyze any situation. Duality your will bring surprises to select you to solve these problems on the back, you are grown up and allow yourself any question. The main thing to be filled with divine attributes, not the past wishes a happy life "on a silver platter."

Creating for everything you need in life positively on your needs, with God in the soul (personality), you gain height. Once you break the balance of power, and to wish for the increase in available clusters, congestion, you will get the opposite reaction, flight down. This is happening all over. Now learn how to balance their wants and desires with what you already have, that you need. Here again we come to the "golden" middle of everything. This quality is fundamental for you today. Work on yourself, train yourself in this.

In the future, your independence you need, like a breath of air. We can not always give you my explanation. Help you need now, and then the path to eternity with luggage to get some experience now. Collect yourself this experience. Each is unique and individual. Teachings give one, but the fruits are different, it is an evolution. So attach your aspirations for yourself, your growth, divine qualities in you, the harmony within. Your soul (personality) will merge with Space in unison (happens to the human-tuning vibration and space), into one, that's your goal!

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Concluding today stream, I continued to emphasize our message through love. Have you noticed the lack of it. Do not worry, we quickly made up for the loss of your energy and fill the desired content. Think of all the calm and gratitude events. The envoys also ordinary people, so they work, we plan to advance. All coordinated and balanced. If the elapsed time someone missed the Epistles, there are many other people who absolutely do not trust the data dictation or by messenger. That's the way your world, so you share the duality, so people are going nowhere. Grain from the "chaff" is separated, the process goes and it is inevitable. Time will show all the results. I do not have it to spend on further persuasion. Unfortunately, the short time left in the story. But again and again I am calling you home (to the worlds of the 5th Dimension and above) in your temple!

Throw away all the unnecessary, leave your past, move carnal desire in the background. Gather your courage and rush towards spiritual growth and transformation of the soul (personality) of yours. Is the main task for today. How to prepare yourself, so pass the crossing. Nobody, nobody captivity do not would not lead by the hand. All gave direction. The choice is yours! The tests you are teaching. Advisers sea, truth is one!

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