Message to the teachers of Shambhala on 17 October.

Message of the Beloved Mother Mary.

As every mother in the world of his love child, gives him everything necessary for growth, so we have to give a part of yourself.

We are well aware of your problems today, your strife, your differences, as in the movement, and in everyday life. This stems from many causes and they all come from your relationship. As you can build that their relationship with their environment, and takes the energy around you every second of reciprocity. Not your world stability, there is no good feelings, they only just born and believe me it will be quite different.

No matter how busy you are plumping plan (the material world), no matter how you are pressed into their clutches passions, your souls have seen the light of knowledge of our own and reached out to him. We on the other hand are putting all possible for you to help, for your growth, for insight.

Not for us the Universe important than today help you earthlings. It comes from the whole Galaxy. According to you, we are all good friends, all one, all see and know the general, common goal that each of us is making the best of their individual efforts. This is the Canon of Eternity, are we.

Beloved, I can not talk much on the subject of unity, but the words get down to business. Suppose you do not seem my instructions nonsense and a waste of time, it is only at first glance. Not my expression is nothing new, in fact, they carry you energy of unity and reciprocity. We love you all, and may learn everything you need to fill this time. Take care and thank us. We deserve reverence and respect, but many of you are added to our consumer relationship, as we have once sounded like a "cash cow." Do not be so we accept, revise their views to the Lords and all the forces of light.

Our assistance bezkorystna, but everything is the limit, so there comes a limit to our patience and. There is no threat in my words, but rather a criticism in your address. There are so many echoes of ingratitude from your ranks, so much adulation from dirty awakened that simply marvel dayus as possible so as to allow self-realized already on the path to God, to his home people. What is going on with you, why your vector of changes so fast? Where your goal and constancy of heart?

Today the internet is full of information, but beloved, you already have the skills and the differences can determine the validity and necessity of being read to your Being, to your soul. This way we are gone, leaving little time for your self on the resistance of the Spirit, what to spend it on an adventure? Stay there. Many people, with our help, acquired communication with the Higher 'I' (Soul), that does not give more time to search news sites, and training of our communication.

Us a lot of things you need to transfer, teach, suggest, encourage, open, instruct for your height and find your destination. Or do you just calm down contacts with the "I" and the Lords, and how your growth on the evolution of who and what you are now? Your connection to the Subtle World is the first stage of development, it is the basics of a first grader, you still need to finish the school of life.

Not relax there, by all means to develop and strengthen our contact. With the weakening of it can be quickly lost, get out of our protection and the second attempt to communicate with us will have to be earned, which may take more than one life.

Our God is merciful, but fair. His punishment for severe setbacks and unwavering. I've many times to ask for the people, but the betrayal of the Faith He forgives. And how could we not love you, we will not save you from your reckless actions, which you now admit to themselves and associates.

I am sorry you when you will again call on our help in prayer. However, I have done you will not be able to help. Think about my words. The entire hierarchy of Light aims to give you everything you need and time itself helps you to quickly clean and grow, do not miss your opportunity.

The uniqueness of the present, if repeated in the history of mankind has a question, and you'll already have today and now. The only thing you need is the desire, determination, perseverance and unwavering faith in his Way to the Father. Who realized, realized himself and took for himself the final decision, he will go with us into eternity.

With this I will conclude his instructions today. I was glad to share with you a mother's care.

Buddha's message of Universal

We have a lot of contacts in the world and constantly interact with you in a dream, so we have something to compare. To help you become clear our thoughts, I would like to draw your attention to yourself in you. Diverse your character traits. Something you change about yourself, something eradicated the vibrations and our teachings, but something is still pulling you back to your past. The habit of living in the old way, as always, is no different from the majority of people ingrained in you so deep that year already, we can not achieve the desired effect on you.

How long can you look at the crowd? Where is your individuality, personality? As we have been taught to change all this in themselves and it yourself, do not borrow from someone's habits, and develop their own spiritual qualities. Spiritual work varied carnal. Many options for the development and growing, so do not copy others. Look upon the examples of need, but complementary and cultivate your own. Often the same, you just repeat the steps of his teachers, friends or predecessors of any directions.

In place of nothing, everything is changing, especially now, when so time flies and you are given the opportunity not only to reverse the mind, but to change your life, high quality, spiritually conscious, as befits a Person. You need to show their talents today in all that surrounds you, that brings the fruits of your labor and creativity.

Everything in this world of illusion created by man, it is, and must change it for the better for the parties. Remove all negative, all the complaints of their lives, realizing their roots of origin. Do not just accept the idea that they are in it, and completely understand where you are in this film. Only a full understanding of the cause, eliminate the consequence of it. Realizing its roots of evil, humanity will quickly change. Let's not waste time searching for the perpetrators nor the government, nor society, nor the family, and in itself, is the main problem today is yours.

We will teach you a lot and now we pass from one person to the relationship in the team, in society, in the country, in the state. These are the problems and we solve them. The complexity of the present situation is and your mentality. During the long years of communism in the fog you have brought up a community of people, each according to his, which was varied. This time brought to you the consumer life, artist, and then the robot mechanical performance tasks or orders from above. Why is it so hard your awakening that everyone is waiting for, instructions, directives, orders, papers again. It took a while, no more and it's time to forget about it as a nightmare.

Much can you tell about your history, but our problem with you fortunately now is completely different. No stupid performers of their roles, there are talented actors who bring all of their creative spark for others, for society. So grow from shoots geniuses in various fields of your life. To do this, each of you must have pure thoughts and crystal, genuine honesty on your spiritual path. Here in these qualities will build collective thinking, collective mind of co-creation of all individuals, all levels, all abilities.

We constantly repeat, there is no detail of your life, all significant, everything has a purpose, his destiny, you need only to open them. I am pleased with you today to share their energies and mentoring. I have not brought anything new from news and information to you, but my Rays Knowledge jets in each of these words, take them for himself, for nothing in your mind and you will find your work on earth today.

So we help you. From mere words convey to you in the Epistles, grows our wisdom and synergy through you to tightly plan. Who accept wholeheartedly our labor, who is attentive to yourself and space, he realizes and embodies everything we said.

By submitting you our teaching, I carry the energy of unity, and I wish to morality, to bring into your life changes for the growth of the soul and insight for the peaceful use!

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

We have many times you provide notice, warned, instructed all kinds of information, so it's time to learn everything and see for yourself. No need to look out the windows and think that the world is falling apart. We will not allow this, but to a certain extent, these events and phenomena happen to wake up your confidence.

I did not want to resort to such measures impact on you, but do not have time to talk, persuasion, morality. Therefore, the lessons of school life, you'll get to practice, where everyone will feel a measure of the lesson and put a mark by life.

It remains to be a witness in this case. Who understand their lessons properly, will go down the ladder of evolution, who would complain, and seek out a twisted mind, curse me, and destiny, he will go out of our way (Ascension into the 5th Dimension). That's the way my world order, and break it, I (Surya — Prime Creator of our solar system) is not going to, even for many lives on Earth.

Was enough time, and the requirements stricter. I'm glad that the series my movement stronger and cleaned. Everything is relative. We often tell you the same truth, accept it as our gift for your spiritual growth, and the flight of thought of creating a new world!

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