Message to the teachers of Shambhala on 17 September.

Message from Shiva.

Effect of Darkness (the Illuminati and their henchmen) is increased, it is her agony. Seeing his loss in Eternity, Darkness (Master of Darkness — Illuminati), however, is not going to give up that easy and puts all his energy for the exclusion of people from the chosen path of the forces of light. Shadow (Illuminati) use any means and capabilities. It gives the heart (Person) people irritation and distrust, condemnation, jealousy and anger. People who had recently been in unity, feel the chill of distrust between them.

Effect of Darkness (Illuminati) appears. It alone can not change the situation, but born at the heart (personality) of people misunderstanding, tears them Unity in the Spirit (at the shower — Higher Self — the people have no claims against each other), and then successively "destroy" each, he settled in his soul (person) dark negative emotions undivine qualities. And people continue to do things yourself is Darkness (Illuminati), it remains only to collect so abundantly secreted low energy vibrations (Master of Darkness can not maintain itself the light energy to fuel it needs energy, low vibration from negative thoughts and emotions of people, such as fear , hatred, doubt, etc.).

Lightworkers will always attack deterrent force, can not be otherwise. If the light workers cease to be, then the darkness (the Illuminati and their henchmen) shifted its impact on others, those who stand in the way of the divine and the people around him is light. It always has been, and now. This is not surprising. Shadow (the Illuminati and their henchmen), without his powers to stop the Light (Ascension), uses people, taking them to his obedience, and to control them and through them to destroy the unity of the forces of Light Workers, manifested on Earth.

We're not just talking, as does darkness from the light, giving the signs of these differences. Let each of you look into my heart (Person) and honestly consider what energy, emotion, it is filled with the thoughts in your mind wander. Love it there? Bright energy of joy, mutual service to others? Joy and happiness? Or distrust, resentment, blame and the like? See for yourself, you choose your future path.

Darkness just so you do not let go. And even when you go into the fourth dimension, the Shadow (instead of the Illuminati will be other Master of Darkness, for example, the Earth's twin planet in our solar system) will not leave you alone. It will always be found in your souls (person) weak link and will always strive for your destruction. You have everything: power, and knowledge for the proper development and confrontation Darkness (Masters of Darkness).

Light always wins. He can not win. Will you be with the forces of light or not, of the victory of light in Eternity will not change. God is love, God is light. Shadow (Master of Darkness) — nothing. Do not be fooled by the mythic power of Darkness (Masters of Darkness). Not her. It exists only as long as the light (Gods) gives her the opportunity to use it for rapid improvement of yourself. All the power and strength — in love, it takes the light, where there is no love, there sneaks darkness.

Carefully take care of yourself, that you fill, what energy (thoughts, emotions) in you prevail. Your world of duality allows you to simultaneously connect two opposites — the light (energy of creation, the strongest of which is unconditional love) and Darkness (power failure). After retiring from the world of duality, you will not be able to combine this, to have a time of light and dark energy. You will belong to a single party. What you choose now, will determine your future life. Think about it and look at yourself, is it necessary for you to fill your negative energy and not the energy of love, joy and happiness?

Your choice — your Karma. To intervene in this we can not. Remains to be seen by your facet situations provided you test.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Today we give you a stream of other energy, they are set up for you to reflect and choose their path. All you pass the test, and they are so successful, you are entitled, so many of you again fall into illusion (the material world) and start playing the role of the proposed forgetting about self-control of your feelings, energy analysis, which you stuff.

The lesson is held, followed by verification. It shows how well you learn, what wills your soul (personality), what direction do you think of your major and what follow in life. These checks will have a lot. Without them, you do not understand yourself. They reveal the true state of your soul (personality), removing the mask feigned light that you always like to hide behind, belly myself that you lightworkers.

An employee may not true light is emitted from the negative energies themselves and show disapproval, discontent and frustration, much to harm anyone. The fact that you keep these layers of darkness (negative thoughts and emotions), says about your crude to the heart condition. Your Ego (lowland part of the soul) is still strong, and it uses a thin even the direction of light for the ministry of service to self. Check (life situation — Test) revealed this veiling. Lays bare the true inner state. And you can examine their own actions and to understand their condition, what do you have lack, and on what still needs to work on to become a true Lightworker — a true co-creator (teacher).

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