Message to the teachers of Shambhala on 7 October.

Message from Shiva.

Many people reading our messages in the soul (person) they do not have faith. They feel that the knowledge and information that we lay in our messages, not real, and some abstract, although the energy of the perceived message, they recognize. And there are people who, and energy from the Epistles do not feel. Why does this happen, we have repeatedly explained to you already, and I do not want to do it again. Skeptics leave for the time being. Let them see the truth of our message.

I also want to lift the veil a little to future events and to set you on the correct understanding.

You know all of us that the Universe is one of the rule of law — the Law of Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect. Every event is a consequence of the reasons that caused it, and at the same time, this event is the cause of the next event, and so on. There is a chain of causes and effects. And when you find yourself in any situation, you should not think that they are random, they are only a consequence of the reasons that caused them. And if we now change is coming at you, and some events, you need to treat them with understanding.

I AM and earlier said that if someone came in hard and sad circumstances, it is no accident. So should get to experience this man to work and get your reward in the previous case and the events, and it may be working out for the event, not only this lifetime, it may be the last incarnation. And seemingly pious man, as it were, living without much deviation from the laws of the universe, suddenly gets such severe events in his life that many look to it with undisguised surprise. No need to wonder. Just so no one else no trials do not go, everything has a reason, and you, being in your lifetime, do not see all the karmic connections to other embodiments.

Under the terms of a three-dimensional realization (in the material world), you all have a vision closed their previous lives. You pass the test without the tips and help from their previous lives. You gain that necessary experience in those conditions, which themselves have, while still in the Thin (spiritual) world.

Why do I tell you all this sound familiar? And in order to get you entered into the stream of change of the Earth, do not sigh and groaned, and understand that any event with any person has a much deeper meaning than just what you see outside. And even if you happen to witness the departure of this incarnation is quite good-looking people, children, relatives, and do not need to be tormented about it. This is no accident. This is only a manifestation of retribution, the implementation of the reasons which have been hidden until the time of your understanding.

Better tune in to positive emotions within you that you correctly perceive and retribution, and others maintain. Repeatedly tell you, or you are aware of, and pray, bring a harmonizing repent or suffer, and it does not burn your good karma.

Now we need to give up the karmic debts, not to pull them into a new life. All of your illness and suffering help to do it, do not complain and do not get angry, but rejoice and pray. At this unique time available to you to get rid of multiple debts that you made in the previous incarnation.

Message from Maitreya.

Today we give you an explanation and tune in the coming events.

You expect all entry to the New World (Ascension into the 5th Dimension), but it does not immediately get. Required to pass a barrier, a time of transition, transient events change worlds. A caterpillar turns into a butterfly through a radical transformation of the physical body, so, like this transformation, and you'll go through the transition from one world to another.

Changes will affect all events and all. Without this it is impossible to reach the New World. And if you are making this transition a unique way — in full consciousness (without losing the physical body and its current identity), and control over their changes and changes visible to you the world, the state of your mind plays an important role. It determines the depth and rapidity of the changes. You can have them smooth, delay or speed up and tighten the opposite.

We have a lot of preparing, giving you energy for your harmonize energy sectors, provided information through our guidance for the expansion of your consciousness, so you will not mindlessly pass event happens to you, and can consciously perceive them, using your available for the management of the environment. We give you a lot, and mostly as an advance, in the hope that you will understand that you are required to spiritual development and purification, and the harmonization of the environment. Your return is yet to come, but now you can already do a lot.

Consider, first of all, under his control, your emotions, your behavior. Demonstrate awareness in all situations occurring. There are no coincidences. Everything is connected in the circuit of the Karmic Law. And if you already know it and do not behave in the abstract, that the Law itself somewhere, and your life itself. This law is manifested events of your life — you are an element in its manifestation.

Understand and accept it, you will easily endure any trials, and whatever future events or would be in its manifestation, is available to all of you to pass them with flying colors. I hope it will be — you use your free will in the right direction.

Message from Surya.

Before me, a lot has been said, I will not repeat. All will be as required by the situation and weave all karmic ties. Our worlds are interconnected, and your world is a reflection of our own, there is a manifestation of his energy in a more dense environment, with lower vibration.

Ending cycle of the galaxy in this density, it should continue its evolution, its development at the next level. Land, part of the Galaxy, as well to the next level. The uniqueness of the transition of the Earth at the time — this is the conservation of living sentient beings (humans), the transition together with the space (planet) in his full consciousness (with preservation of the physical body and the current card), with all the feelings and observations.

Many people interested in your experience of the transition. All are watching you. Be worthy of the trust and support that you are. All controlled by the Creator Himself. His experiment and this is nothing terrible can not happen.

Certain forces are applied to the passage of the script changes your busy world — quantum transition. All will be well, look and remember, they acquire this experience Essential assembly elements, which is useful later in similar situations. Keep calm and understanding.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Came to an end our regular stream. You obtain instructions for the moment, given the energy for its passage. You take advantage of them or not — you decide. Everything in your free will.

The variety is limitless. Shades display events have many nuances. Life is beautiful! Breathe freely. Be glad that you're part of this unique event! Whatever happens, keep the awareness of the need and the logical manifestation of events.

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