Message to the teachers of the Galactic Federation of Light on October 8

Message from Godfrey.

I had the great honor to fulfill the order of the Galactic Federation. My words will bring you all the joy. This is a great event in the Universe.

You've read about it before, and many were waiting for, and when that time comes. Finally it has arrived. Perhaps if we were to tell you about it so clearly in the past, of course not. Not had the opportunity, and your mind is not made our news, or rather not fully understood them. I'm tired you expected. You are very inquisitive and are impatient to events, but they are still ahead of you, and the latest in our Galaxy tell you.

We insist you prepare for a meeting with alien Beings. So it was meant to be. It is time to reveal this secret. It's very simple going on in your life. Today you will all have to adjust themselves to any friendly meeting for you strange character, but with love. In this case, you need to radiate not only interest, but also the warmth of their hearts. We extraterrestrial Being very sensitive to the energy of your body, so with low vibrations to us there is no way to get in touch. Our meetings will be private yet. Say, who prepared themselves spiritually, he will be honored by our visit. We'll see by the light of your soul (personality), and it is not hard to recognize you. You, on the contrary, it is very difficult to distinguish between us. You do not worry, you have most importantly, your love for all your radiant heat and feelings of hearts (soul) within. Feel our attraction only from within, not by the mind. We will communicate telepathically in the beginning, then really in space when people adapt to us. So, many of you are having a communication channel with the highest "I" (his soul) to yourselves friends of our Galaxy.

All true in the Universe. Our contacts will bring you great benefits in the development of your gifts from God. We will open the secrets of your soul (person), we will help to find the right skills in the theory and practice and will work closely with you to different areas of your life. As daunting our joint work! Such in history was not there, but now feasible.

I know that you have a lot of questions for me, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Each meeting its deadline and on time and place. All of us laid out, and soon you will learn from each other about our opinions to you visit. Do not be afraid, we are not afraid. Thank you in advance know about it, each one individually. This is our measure of security. On disembarking from the ships we or our landing from the sky, remember, this is a fantasy deterrence (the Illuminati and their henchmen). We come to you discreetly and only after initial contact, open. No need to dream of how things will happen. Each of you communicate with "I" (his soul) was different, and in this case is all their own.

We are very pleased with our opportunities that provided the Galactic Federation. More until you do not need to know and speculate. Be yourself and very attentive to her. I announced to you enough.

Epistle Nastsetusa.

My brother and I share the positive attitude of the entire galaxy to you, so joined to give our energies. Thanks to them, you will gain confidence in themselves to meet with alien Beings. And sounds your question in the universe, how they look, what are? We share your curiosity, but that is a secret, for camouflage. Us so quickly copy dark (the Illuminati and their henchmen), we decided to err. You will understand us, because it came from good intentions and for your own safety.

Relationship with our Brothers, you'll like. They will make your life changed dramatically. No, not in appearance, although it is possible and such with your participation and effort. You will quickly be changed internally. Will find the necessary divine qualities of the soul, get rid of the negative qualities of vices, from addictions, and other unnecessary passions of the past. You can tell quickly under our supervision refreshed pass rate of modern man in the world. It's a very interesting time.

Created and together we will easily and harmoniously. We will change you, and with you the space, it still held its breath in anticipation of his own. So I go out with this verse forms Messenger. Hard to keep feelings. Reciprocity your leads to you at the meeting, and what we possess with the Brothers, will teach you. Little time and much to catch. Options do you wish too, but longing for the purpose weak. We will work in this direction. Prepare yourself all but the first will be those who already have contact with the Subtle world. The rest will grow together, I hope for their perseverance. You need to choose the right direction of the way. Find a narrow path, and not the high road with the horizon, it is in the dark (the Illuminati) that simple, and we need to work on yourself. Transformed by our earthly world, friendly thoughtforms. Here are the exercises I uttered your Newsletter. But this is only in you, and we are all close to the show and the story, what, how, why, when …

You have the skills, all of my pantry of yourself that you are within your talents. It is time to apply them in practice. How do we contact you discuss it. So it is time to change our worlds. We often speak of convergence, our close cooperation, all come, already, already exists. Our opportunities to you huge, but there is much. Do not be distracted by nothing, wasting time on false information. We give you today all that you need. Lords and hooked us up for your use, and you're still looking for something on the Internet. As your inquisitive mind takes on the necessary work on yourself, and you will indulge him. The time is counted, and wasting. Why do you need the extra thought in my head now, when they need to fill in the contact with the Subtle world. No time to sleep in our Messengers, and so you spend your. It's time to adjust their labors with one. You all particles from him, let us all return to Him. We have to help you, but we do not need nurses to serve, it's time to do, it's time to love and thoughts to give bright family, friends, just people Space. We do not forget to connect to you in this world, and will spread to the golden radiance of our planet, the whole earth will become more beautiful!

Do not resist, went to the rhyme, but the seriousness of this, my stay with you. My brother and I cherish every moment of our meeting with you. I am extremely happy to fill you with His love and power of good and reciprocity.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

I am pleased to continue to flow on a high note of confidence. Virtual worlds closer together. You feel each other, and your reciprocity amazes me.

I once dreamed of an earthly paradise. He's at the door, his hands reach out to him, and take the other arm, a circle, and you raise your eyes on high and lifted up. Blessed are those who mourn will be, they are only in the passions will be forgotten, but not forgotten in Dali. So work hard, you are my children, all at once, and not the order I make you walk with me up on your life. I call you to your home, in your Father's House (Heavenly Kingdom of the Gods, where the gods dwell, parents of most incarnated on Earth Souls), where I live, big, huge, powerful, domineering, but also with all of you I am happy to pass the remainder Way to save all I can to save. One thing I have need of you, live in harmony and without embellishment create cherished things, that the soul in life was to love and joy. That's a new world. Then I will announce to you feast, celebrating the planet!

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