Message to the teachers of the Galactic Federation of Light on October 14.

Message from Kuthumi!

Today we bring you the good and joy! So are the words, but they are completely different energy from the sound of words. They are multifaceted and multidimensional. Perhaps many will not be able to feel their full. You need to have an open heart and a generous soul. We brought unusually warm feelings of our love to soothe your fevered mind. For many it was heated, which is called "to red." You can not bring themselves to this state. Not your world is nothing to torment themselves so inquisitive mind to exhaustion. No matter how you pictured the future, it will not open.

Daily adjustments are made today in the life of each. This work is invisible to you, and we can all see, so long you have to warn the serenity to any manifestations around you. Take them calmly and reasonably. Your mind is inquisitive, and resourceful as the ego tries to return you back to the past of their own. No need to give in to the temptation of it.

We often sit and explain to you about situations that may annoy you, put out and stuff. Distorted condition affects your vibration, your surroundings, the space. Today you can not avoid this. The teaching and the fact is that you can apply it in practice. Today, this practice has come to you. She came quietly to everyone, but is very important in your daily life where you show love or aggression in response to the attacks of your close friends and activities.

Co-creators with God will never allow print off balance, never! I've been watching you, dear friends, a lot of variations you allow. Therefore, showing forth, back and quickly revert back to repair itself once again and spend the Divine energy in addition. This compares with the car when you're sent to the wrong route of the way and made the extra miles, on my trip to spend the extra fuel, than have it overrun. And in your daily life is overrun our energies.

It connects your malaise and discomfort immediately in all. Once again, you go back to where we started. Why? What drives you in these situations? It's time to learn how to recognize these negative qualities of your character and work on them. Time inevitably runs forward, and you allow yourself to rollback, which brings some repetition, but not the soul rise to new opportunities and businesses in Space. We expect you to help in the work with a hearty plan, and again you need help in cleansing itself.

How do you like to complicate everything. Understand that the world is dual, so how many times can you step on the same rake? I do not understand your motives in doing so. Totally unworthy conduct yourself, beloved in clarifying their relations in every area of life. Your ambitions immediately takes you to the past behavior. When you pay attention to yourself, then your control of the situation will take you, how would automatically positive.

All you can predict, but taking into account every detail, detail — not possible, so there will be acute situations in your life where you learn to go with dignity. Not on your life more undivine manifestations, remember! There is nothing that could affect your balance and reduced vibration. This is what we have taught you, be a worthy disciples. Today I tried to tell you the nature of your regular actions that hinder the path of evolution and the path to self-Person. This phenomenon is delaying the process of manifestation of the subtle world in dense world.

All have been ready for action, but there is no one to do them, no ready Persons. Today, your goal is to become of them. We clearly and draw your goal, go well for them. Not on your life is nothing more important. Now for all you unique, do not miss it for nothing.

Epistle Nastsetusa.

I'm honored to continue this stream of good energy, peace, joy! I am very happy to give you them. My brothers agree with me. We send you the joy of our communication and the kindness of your perception of the world.

Much more imperfect in your life. Consciousness of many changes, and habits of the past remain. You, as before match your relationships. There is no necessary goodness, no mutual love in solving your problems and situations in life. Look at yourself from the outside, that you are so upset all of a sudden, why? Where you grew up in anger, aggression, protest, insult, attack words battlefield? When you'll be able to answer these questions yourself, then you will not allow this in your relationship.

We understand all the situations that are happening around. The world has intensified so much that little spark will start a fire. This can not be allowed to happen. To do this, we come to you at night and teach, instruct, soothe. Something is moving slowly your process of self-awareness of personality that can create worlds. Not you constant striving for goals, one goal. In sending your can see it, but in the affairs of one void. So we are going to build new long your peace on Earth.

I would not want to expose you to new challenges Nature. However, you have to apply the long-promised event, for your own learning and progress. As we are not postponing it, but you can not avoid those events. They show up everywhere, no one can hide from them. Our energy we are giving doses and see how they affect you. Who fills with divine attributes of the soul, who is a plan. Well everyone chooses himself, but no one will be easier.

Space in anticipation of change and we are pushing you hard. Allow yourself to be careful in their relations everywhere. Today, there is a minor, all important, every detail plays a role. No time for confusion, showdown, every hour and density of your world (we are now officially in the fourth dimension, which among other things has a large amount of energy, so our thoughts and emotions have become much stronger. Kickback from them will also be stronger) forces you to be very careful with each other. A lot can be said about this. It turns out that we read your morals. No need to think so. In every word, we invest a part of themselves to you. Sensitive heart will catch our care and will take energy to proper use.

I am pleased to support you in this difficult time. Your division series, should not fear, it clears the Movement. Is your work on yourself, there is a usual staff relocation and thus reveals the true servants of the common cause, and those who came to show themselves righteous. There are so many around, and our task to understand their motivation and urge to go along, even with different points of view on the situation. Collectivism, it is not collective thinking. To be together, it does not mean to think like one. What we need to learn not only to think but to think, as one whole. That they all had one task, one goal, one understanding, one thought. Only then can change your plan to a dense (in the material world). While you struggle with the air, and everyone strives to phnut away, and it is necessary in itself, and reworked to give to all.

That's your mistake today. Need to learn to do things for others, and then only for myself and love. There are no other options, no other way. You are given guidance, given the keys to interact with each other and only unified coordinated work will lead to a correct result. We are putting all their efforts to help you. Someone is using these keys, one does not notice them and waiting for the next hint of Lords. And where is your independence, where is your personality?

It has been said to show their abilities in any area of your business. Some of you did it? Again I hear the question, where and how? Wherever you are and where things are doing, but these actions must be directed from the depths of your heart on the development of the country, society, business, family, yourself. Who understand our words, that and got my keys to the action. All the space you can get, and we are as well.

Each of you have the talent, so apply it now, open your flower of life, as you can adjust and go system. Not in this lifetime without creative people and among you is a strong personality. Be worthy of the children of God!

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM come to complete the flow of good and light. We often use the same phrases, but they are different in meaning, and by the value of the energy. In all of our messages is a huge difference in the supply of energy for your divine self.

Today one of the threads that we send to your collective interaction. Take all for what they are. There is no need and time to discuss and analyze what is happening. In this way, deterrent (the Illuminati and their henchmen) distract you from the global challenges of changing oneself and Space. You spend their (our) energy for nothing and fool proof to each other, and the very common cause is, like the WHO, where the swan, crayfish and pike.

No, my dear, beloved children, not wrangling started we'll mess your mind and dense world. Kohl himself, I (Surya) took up the matter in the world, in Russia, you'll be here in my opinion. My world order will necessarily! No matter how much was spent on this time. Skeptics, I'm puzzled. Not nourish myself that time constantly moving around. In this way, I prolonged the life of many. Is not given, you know my plans and ideas. It is time to understand the words to the wind I do not give up! No more strength to that I oppose!

Yes, we are moving slowly, but my movement is growing and cleaned. So so painful the entire process. So after all the families of the pain, as without them, without the pangs of birth? So, take for yourself as teaching, my words that I give through my envoys. Who opposed them, accept, except to say frankly to you, you are stupid and deaf to my words. You could not see me today, given to know and be worthy of the Heavenly Father!

Yes, it is the golden age, now a prelude to it, and who knows himself and I took the Service, the Almighty, the Worlds will go with me to build on all canons ETERNITY My!

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