Message to the teachers of the Galactic Federation of Light on September 22,

Message of alli

I AM alli, the representative of the constellation of the Pleiades (Pleiades — is another name of our galaxy, which we call the "Milky Way." That is the alli of the neighboring solar system, our galaxy). We are all representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light, watching you as you go through the preparation for the main event in the galaxy — the quantum transition.

We are all the possible ways we help you, albeit not stay in front of you. Not yet implemented our official disclosure, we will hide its presence. But the time will come when you will be ready to formally accept representatives of other civilizations of the galaxy, and then we will be able, within the law, free to enter into communication for the benefit of us all.

We have for you the fraternal feelings of love, and love is the key to everything. It allows in harmony with all sentient beings and by Space create a wonderful life, and this new life you have to make on Earth. Eliminate all the negative energy, clear the land from them. Change your relationship with each other and build them out of love — this all-pervading energy of light.

When you realize that only love is the most important thing in the Universe, and you begin to fill it with energy itself, forcing out all negative qualities and energy, and then start to happen in your community, radical changes. Leave of war between nations, will disappear misunderstanding and negative energy and negative emotions towards members of other peoples of the Earth, and other sentient beings that inhabit the galaxy and the entire Universe.

And, as before, as well as all the Hierarchy of Light, as a manifestation of light workers, I urge you to pay all of your forces to fill the energies of love and light. With these high vibrational energy you can radically change everything on earth and achieve the golden age (life after Ascension in the 5th Dimension), the much-dreamed of previous generations.

Changing Worlds is approaching (Earth-dimensional world of the 4th dimension is transformed into a four-dimensional world of the 5th Dimension). You are standing on the threshold of change in their lives, and we are happy for you and with you are ready to implement our assistance to all people of the Earth to protect them from the effect of negative aliens (Greys, which are in the Illuminati conspiracy). Ready to feed and energy, and guidance as you develop the best and what to improve.

We love you! And waiting for the time when we can freely communicate with you and take you into the Galactic Federation of Light.

Epistle Nastsetusa.

We give today at the energies flow, which, perhaps, you are missing, and that you are pleased by and use to its improvement. We are pleased to communicate with you the next and are ready to go on and on, sharing with you the knowledge and the energy that interacts with you, will develop in the way of the Spirit (to help establish and strengthen the bond with your Soul, other souls and God.) This is important in your life. Not technology, not the technology, namely, spiritual development is important for you now. Until you have developed spiritually, to give you some knowledge and technologies of the future will be dangerous, but then, when you reach in the development of understanding of the universal order and take responsibility for its conservation, preservation of a balance in the universe, then any technology will be available and are safe for you and those around you of other intelligent beings. Without the energy balance, their flow in the space, you can not be a universe. This balance will always be carried out, and those who violate it can be stopped or even eliminated. So while the man stood up in its development at the level of awareness and responsibility for his actions, he should not have at its disposal such technologies that can allow him to make the destruction and create an imbalance of energy in space.

All the Lords come to you in order to get this information and give you a boost in the development of the way of the Spirit (strengthening the connection with your Soul, the other souls and God) that you do spiritual work, improving themselves, and not the destruction of nature and the destruction of other sentient beings . Only spirituality, and the associated liability, lets you take control of any power technology. Use of available resources for the benefit of life, not its destruction, as it was before all of your fifth-generation race (Aryans, we belong to the 5-th root race of Earth, Atlanta — the fourth race, the Lemurians — the third race , the first animals — to the second race, the first minerals and plants — the first race). But come the New World. The world of the spiritual man — the co-creator (the level of the Teacher), which will change the situation in the world and free it from the domination of dark and gray energy, create joy and happiness on this beautiful planet. And we will be with you to enjoy this new world and in our interaction to help you build and deploy it.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Today we bring you interesting flow of energy, they are slightly different from those energies that you are the Lord of the Hierarchy of Light in his epistles usual. A slightly different energetic color to diversify your development.

In the future world, you have to interact not only with the Earth, but also the inhabitants of other planets, other intelligent beings, fills the Galaxy. Through interactions with them are built on the energies of love and respect. Without love, your civilization will not resist the onslaught of hostile civilizations, as such, there are always wanted to get you into slavery. They will not succeed.

The representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light are patrolling and deterring effect of the Earth in space of these representatives of hostile civilizations you (foreign-Grey). As long as you are all conditions that are supported, your job is to use all your time on the spiritual development and training themselves in staying permanently in high-vibration condition, the higher the energy of love. Enabling you to use.

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