Messages from the Federation of Light.

September 17:

"In the early stages, when you first start to consciously change their forms of thought for the better, it can be a bit of a trick, as many of you have fallen into the habit of thinking negatively, always considered the bad side of everything and always fear the worst and expectations. In fact, just a slight majority of positive thoughts for negative thoughts to bring you the next time schedule, which has a positive nature. Just use your vivid imagination.

We are sure that you would not want to experience the future timeline, you create through all this negativity. Your new reality is exactly what you put into it. It will not be more positive or more negative than the variations placed in him. Please try to remember it is always for every moment of every day, as you will experience that you are creating today.
We feel that many of you have become quite inspired to start building your world every day to the purest and highest of vibrations.

Understand more clear that we are talking, and if you continue to put a negative thought-forms in the creation of your home, it will be the event waiting for you in your new home, which have a negative variety. It might surprise many of you, especially the fans who believe that the weather — a product of the changing weather patterns and storm systems. No, all of them — a manifestation of creative thinking people of the world, where these storms and disasters occur. Your hurricanes, your tsunamis, earthquakes, fires and outbreaks of violence and rash are caused not by people, not weather systems do not change the tectonic plates, and the thoughts that caused these negative things happen. So we tell you that it is your negative thoughts will cause the next tornado, the next earthquake, the next hurricane and yes, even following a flood, and we do see a lot of you are beginning to believe us when we tell you that there will be increased sea levels, which will cause flooding in several areas of your world.
We will work with you to build a number of dams to protect certain areas, it is — a fact, and there is no two ways about it, because we see that it is too late to change certain timelines, you now experience. This is — the news that we have for you today. You'll experience what you refer to as the tsunami. There was no change in this for a few months, at least (a warning message was given in June), and it is — why we advise you of these opportunities, as we have seen, it was too late for your world, and the fund has already been poured for this reality.
Our monitoring services come to the conclusion that there will be a tsunami in certain areas, ranging in height from 40 to 50, 90 or even 100 or more feet in height. It will increase sea levels, which will make the convexity rise and rise to each other in excess of altitude, in some areas, 70 to about 100 or more feet. This means that there will be some areas of your planet, which flooded with water.
You see how important it is to build a dam in certain areas because the water will be quite high, as we have discussed. 100 feet — an extremely large amount of water and rush through the ground for miles. How many miles is difficult to predict exactly, because there are many factors to consider, but we say that if the water is between 70 — 100 feet tall, it is investing in land in full force and has not begun to decline in the speed and volume, and we say it will flood the land area of excessive hundred miles and more inner lands of the continents.
Now consider this, consider how many people on this planet live within 100 miles of the coast. We tell you this number is in the many millions, and it is — many millions of people who will be affected by the tremors, which will cause a tsunami in the days ahead, and these are the numbers that we're trying to minimize and we minimize with your help through the creation of a number of dams in these areas of your planet.
We tell you that you can help us in other ways. You can start to change their form of thoughts and think only positive things about your future. Think about the smooth and calm waters. Think about earthquakes, as being just a gentle giant roar instead of shocks and vibrations. Think and know that you can change your own timeline, you have created yourself. You can not completely change the timeline that has been created, which will lead to a certain number of earthquakes and even a tsunami, we are sad to report that this is true. It's too late for that, because the graphics have been created far more advance than two or three months (in June). We see these earthquakes and rising sea levels over the next 2 — 3 months at the most. But you can reduce the damage that will be caused. You can reduce the tremors, and this will reduce the strength and power of the tsunami.
This is — all a matter of perspective, as you can see, if there are many of you that see this as more of the bad news, then you start getting depressed, and begin to fear days ahead, then you will add to the height of the tsunami. You will add to the strength of the earthquake, and you'll be adding to this problem a new one, and we tell you if there are those of you who see this as good news and views this as an opportunity for you to reduce those approaching problems then we say you that you are helping to reduce the power of these aftershocks, and it will reduce the power, strength and amount of the tsunami, and you will make your own planet.
So we tell you that you are going to choose, as we remind you that all — choice. You're going to see this as a negative and add to the negative and add to that the negative timeline, or you are going to start to make this timeline with positive thoughts, positive steps, positive word and deed, by decreasing the force of the impending experience?
We hope that many of you will take our words to heart today, because what we're trying to do, to help you avoid any negative periods in its new reality. You can have all you want now. None of this should not happen anymore. It is not our right to change or modify your future timelines that you create through their thought-forms, which do you think today. We can only advise you and help you where we can, and that is what we are doing today. We will not modify or change what you are creating, but we can help minimize these effects anyway with your help and your trust and your cooperation. We ask you, you to cooperate and help us and yourself by changing your thoughts formed today. Reckon filled with love and positive place in your mind. Remember the positive things in your life and ask yourself, what created the positive events. You'll know the answer. Think positively and only positively, because if you only think positively, you will experience only positive event. "

September 18:
"Balancing your old ways — your old world and new ways of your and your new world, not only without you, but they occurred within you. As part of these changes, some of you had to change along with them. This was part of the program, because you have to change and adapt as your now ever changing world around you. These two aspects of your reality, your world, and you have to experience a metamorphosis together. can not be changed without the other changes. Both must change, and both need to raise their frequency to a much higher level. These changes go hand in hand and can not be any other way.
There are many of you who are slow this process. This presents something of a problem for your land, your planet, because she wants to change. She wants to experience the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, and she wants to spread her wings and fly into the higher realms of her universe, where it rightfully belongs.
We're talking about the habits, trends and ways some of you live your life, not only through this current incarnation, but also through the many previous and successive incarnations as well. You have to find a way to find the strength to find the courage to find something else to get rid of the habit. We are not saying that there was no other lessons for you to learn, and we're not saying that you do not learn them, as many of you did. This is — your new challenge, and this — the only problem for you at this time. We know you can do it. You knew we could do it before its current incarnation. Otherwise you will not be tuned to the problem for yourself, if you knew that it could not be defeated. You're not on vacation here, trust us.
Stay strong in their convictions. Do not ever failure. Never let anyone make you doubt yourself.
There are laws on your books, which do not allow you to say certain words or do certain things that any free person should be allowed to do so. We feel that the use of illicit drugs — choice. This — what we consider right. Many of you have just found your way to these substances, and decided to experiment with them, and we do not see this as a problem in any case. This is — your life is — your trip and it — your choice, and we observe and respect the choice of others, and this — what we want to change some of the laws in your world. It is important for you to remember, and remember, as long as you do not break the law or cause pain to anyone else all.
We tell you this — a problem that can be overcome if it were not, you would not be writing this problem in your true project, and this — the bottom line, which is true.
We tell you, your world is a new world that is free from all these unnecessary complications, laws, regulations, policies, guidelines, restrictions and taxation. It would be such a simple place to live, to allow you to enjoy all your trips, freed all these special restrictions or penalties for your individual and sacred rights. "

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