Metropol Parasol. The largest wooden structure in the world

Today I would like to present to you the largest building wood world . This is — Metropol Parasol, built in Seville (Spain). In addition to its originality and epic proportions — it is also an object of archaeological importance.

Some residents believe it is not quite appropriate, do not fit into the landscape of the city. However, most of his love, considering the original card.

This facility was built in a very unusual place. Located directly under the settlement time of the ancient Roman Empire, which includes the area of the market, several bars and restaurants. So now the Metropol Parasol is a hiding place for this historic facility.

At the top of the largest wooden buildings in the world is an observation deck from which you can get by a wonderful view of the ancient city.

"Mushrooms on Encarnación Square" — is the second name of this building received. The size of these wooden mushrooms 150 for 70 meters and a height of 26 meters. It created in 2011 by architect Jurgen Mayer X (Jurgen Mayer H)

The facility consists of 8000 wooden elements and has an incredibly complex structure. The creator is recognized that implementing such a masterpiece without the aid of computer processing power, he could not. Moreover, all complicated by the fact that its construction is not used bolts, only steel bars and glue! Despite all the fears of the strength of the structure is time-tested, the hot Spanish sun and the rain. Another unique feature is the lack of Metropol Parasol in his design of identical parts. All parts are unique!

The project cost 90 million euros. Was it worth it?

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