Mi-26TZ first refueled ground armored vehicles

 Photo source:lenta.ru

For the first time in the practice of the Armed Forces of Russian helicopter Mi-tanker refueling 26TZ made ground armored vehicles, ITAR-TASS reported. Charge was incurred during military exercises near Chelyabinsk in the field of conventional warfare. During the exercise, the fuel was pumped into the tanks main battle tanks T-72 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 and BTR-80.
Modification of the Mi-26 tanker — TK — established in 1988. The main objective of the helicopter is the fuel supply of aircraft, helicopters and ground vehicles. The first production Mi-26TZ flew in February 1996. The machine is capable of carrying up to 14,000 liters of fuel oil and 1.04 thousand liters of lubricants. While expanding and collapsing the filling complex is between ten and 25 minutes.

The Mi-26 is capable of speeds up to 295 kilometers per hour to fly a distance of 1.9 thousand kilometers. In this case, the range of the helicopter is 800 kilometers. In an embodiment of the tanker in the cargo compartment of the Mi-26 set two trucks with fuel tanks, pumps and control equipment. In addition, a set of equipment includes four gas hose for aviation fuel and ten — for diesel.

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