Microsoft. People are polyglots in 5 years!

In the near future, all people will become very real polyglot, able to speak to any existing language in the world. Microsoft has said the work on the software that will analyze and identify any speech, convert it to the desired language and pronounce the translation of your same voice, says Gizmodo.

The company believes that the new product will break many of the stereotypes and produce a revolution, destroying the language barriers between people. At the presentation speech translation devices Microsoft chief scientific officer Rick Rashid, who spoke in English to Mandarin Chinese with a delay of a few seconds. However, he said Rashid, the technology is still far from perfect and the staff of the company will have to work hard on a prototype, to bring it to mind.

Presumably, the development of the final version of the device will take up to five years. "In this area, a lot of work, but the technology is very promising," — said Rashid. He added that Microsoft fundamentally, the new system is not only faster but also more accurate than other speech recognition technology. "I believe that we can use it to make the world a better place", — concluded the expert.

To date, scientists, linguists distinguish from 2 to 7 thousand different languages. These include natural language, artificial, gestural and reconstructed. These figures are more than approximate as a unified approach to the conventions of the differences between the languages and dialects spoken in the allocation of the same language by linguists do not exist.


Incredibly useful technology, in my opinion, I think that it is from Microsoft and can turn out to accomplish it. We'll wait. I want to know Chinese and Japanese!


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