Mikhail Zadornov: Rurik. The lost profit watch online

Mikhail Zadornov: Rurik.  The lost profit watch online
Recognizable writer, playwright, satirist, beloved by millions of viewers in our country for a sharp mind and an unusually clear ownership of the word, will appear in a completely brand-new quality! Having conducted a serious investigation, raising more than one layer of history, having been in various parts of Russia and the world, he will give an honest answer to the question "Who was founded the Russian government: the Russian people or the Vikings?" Misha Zadornov"In the history of the Russian Federation are many mysteries, but there is one that will not let me rest with the youth, and I decided not to sit warehouse hands and go in search of her otgadki. I had to go in a very unusual place. My journey has come to lie at such angles of, that do not even look at Wikipedia. I visited the fabulous archipelago in Sweden, found in the ancient village of Slavs in Germany, I saw with my own eyes the famous city of Arkona, which is guarded by idols of wood Russes. I had to fly, swim, drive thousands of miles and even look to America — all in search of the truth: Location there is and went to the Russian land? Who were our ancestors? Who was Rurik — the founder of the country's Russian? "

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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