Milan Michalevic: Our lawyer selected tools

Why would a lawyer Ales Mikhalevich demanded all his papers? Complaints about violations of the rights of the prisoner "American" Paul Sevyarinets gave fruit, says activist mother Tatiana. KGB does not respond to a request for a meeting of Vladimir Neklyaeva with her daughter Eva.

February 10 KGB officers came to the Lenin district legal counsel and demanded the release of all documents attorney Oleg Ageev, protecting the ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich. Pressure on the lawyer considers such actions wife Ales Mikhalevich Milan:

"What happened in relation to it today — simply unprecedented. We advocate, in fact, take away his tools work. Do not rule out that this is done in order to get him to abandon the defense of Ales. This is a very highly skilled lawyer, and, of course, we do not want to change it to someone else. "

Oleg Agueyev said, "Freedom", which is outraged by these actions. As to the purpose for which it is done, to voice their opinions did not. According to him, the KGB explain their actions a certain test, and only checks his or other attorneys, he did not know:

"I do not know, I do not say anything. Do I threaten termination of the license? At the beginning of January, I issued an instruction on the possibility of license suspension. Already got this prescription. For criticism of the KGB detention center. But I'm working on. Refuse to defend Michalevic I have no right, this is my professional duty. "

Refuse to defend Michalevic I have no right, this is my professional duty.

Reporter"By the way, the last time you tried to go to him?"

"Yesterday. The whole day is spent in the detention center, more precisely, at the Pass Office KGB, and again did not get to it. "

Last week, the wife of another ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, journalist Irina Khalip, forced to abandon the first lawyer Vladimir Toustsik, which threatened that will take away the license. This was reported by relatives of Irina Khalip, which is held under house arrest. After the defense gave up Khalip lawyer Tamara Garaeva, which has already been contracted. The lawyer referred to employment. This week, for the wife of Sannikov find a new lawyer — Anna Bakhtin, said his mother Irene Lucyna Khalip:

"Today was a lawyer, Irina, now it can work with it. There were problems, but now seems to have decided. "

As a lawyer Ales Mikhalevich, you can not arrange a meeting with a lawyer of many defendants involved in the case on December 19. Relatives Statkevich, Paul Sevyarinets, Anatoly Lebedko, Alexander Otroshchenkov say — information that was investigative actions involving lawyers, they do not. As for correspondence, here things have shifted for the better. Today, February 10, came the long-awaited letter from theSergei Martseleva— This is only the second letter from the activist Staff Statkievich. Also, a second letter for almost two months of arrest had a wife Dmitry Bondarenko.

The letters, as I said, now come in 3-4 days.

Relatives of some of the prisoners immediately receive several letters, which, apparently, has accumulated a prison censorship. Vladimir Palazhanka also received another letter the other day from her daughter Anastasia:

"Letters, as I said, now come in 3-4 days. Somehow, I think, to establish normal correspondence. "

Mother of Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana, which also received a letter from his son after a long break, is convinced that the changes were not alone:

"My brief comment so that all my efforts — walking the chain of command, the complaints — all this still has a certain result."


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