Military expert Igor Korotchenko: The Russian aviation industry is developing successfully

At the Farnborough Air Show in the Russian Federation submitted an impressive exhibition. England on the phone specifically for the "File-RF" about his impressions tells editor of "National Defense", the chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenkov.


— Russia worthily represented the achievements of many segments of our aircraft, aerospace and military industries. It is very important that the Russian exhibition is held under the auspices of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies". Her delegation was led by Deputy Director of the company Dmitry Shugaev.

We show our new aviation products. First of all, it's combat training aircraft Yak-130. It shows the Corporation "Irkut".

Here "Sukhoi Superjet 100" series aircraft in service at the "Aeroflot". He came specially to the salon to show "live" our latest achievements in the field of civil aviation.

Days ago was successful international presentation of our new project — the main MS-21. His Russian is also actively promoting here at Farnborough, including in order to ensure a successful launch of this project.

At the press conference, the president of "United Aircraft Corporation" Mikhail Pogosyan said that in 2012-2014 in Russia will be built 485 aircraft — military, commercial, and transportation. These figures show that the Russian aircraft industry is developing successfully.

In doing that, the strategic vision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on technological breakthrough, which should make the Russian Federation and in such an important international cluster as aircraft.

In the present delegation Farnborough major Russian banks, in particular, Sberbank and Gazprombank, which provide resource support to Russia's largest aviation programs. That is, the state provides real help to our aviation industry to ensure that the most important (in terms of prestige and effectiveness of the public) market programs have been provided with the necessary credit facilities. What is extremely important.

At present the world's largest air show "players" at the aerospace market — international corporations. And here once again convinced of the correctness of the decision by Vladimir Putin, the fundamental decision about how to hundreds of Russian defense enterprises that used to be scattered, united in specialized holdings.

Today this route is the whole world. And the fact that Russia started the practice of restructuring the defense industry, building a powerful, vertically integrated industrial holding structure — it's absolutely the right trend.

Our delegation hopes that the outcome will be achieved cabin agreement which will then be converted into firm contracts. I can tell already that the "Sukhoi Superjet 100" and "MS-21" are in great demand among foreign companies.

Our large companies, such as "United Aircraft Corporation", seeking to diversify its business to increase the proportion of income that is the civil aircraft segment. It is impossible to ensure the sustainable development only through the export of military equipment. Should be possible to conquer and civil segment.

The task is not easy, given that virtually all of the world market is divided between "Boeing" and "Aerobasom." And the fact that we go to the market with a "100 Sukhoi Superjet" and "MS-21", shows that staff and technology, and most importantly — political will — to do so is Russia.

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