Military intelligence officers began to teach new ways of working behind enemy lines

In the Western Military District (WEST) is collected for the first time in which the army scouts learn new methods of "combat operations" in the rear of the enemy without weapons, money and food, the head of the press service of the cooling zone, Colonel Andrei Bobrun.


"Such a collection camp held for the first time. In August-September all the scouts County to master a new technique, which was first used in the cooling zone, "- said Bobrun, transfers "Interfax".

"As part of the collection, in particular, the issues of training practiced by independent operations behind enemy lines when the scout is in the territory of the enemy without weapons and their means of livelihood. At this stage of collecting saboteurs have to survive in the wild, get food and eat in the forest. The plan included training sessions take possession of weapon of the enemy and the possibility of its use in this task. In these sessions army scouts studying the samples of small arms of various states, as well as learn the various methods of aiming and shooting from a foreign weapons "- said Bobrun.

According to him, the 'uniqueness fees is that different units are set independent targets for action in one area. "

"When, for example, one group receives the task to conduct reconnaissance and search operations to find and destroy the other scouts, which in turn secretly tasked to overcome the exercise area. And the division before joining the training fight do not know against whom they have to "fight" — said Bobrun.

In the course of collecting officers instructors with extensive combat experience gained in the local armed conflicts, teach young scouts how to take a "language", in what way can interfere with control and communications of the enemy, where better to ambush, how to equip the base camp. Sniper pair of intelligence mouth hone the art of disguise on rough terrain with the use of the natural landscape, improvised, and the standard means of disguise. "Voroshilov arrows" are trained in search and destroy enemy snipers. In developing the questions of opposition military intelligence WEST regularly "sniper duel" that end just after the destruction of the imaginary enemy snipers and usually continues for several hours, "- said the official.


Also in the course of study, he said, "reconnaissance and sabotage groups organize ambushes on routes reach the imaginary enemy, raid on a position, destroy nodes and lines, in order to interfere with control of the enemy in battle array."

In addition to the fundamental course of special subjects, military intelligence officers are serious psychological training that dramatically corrects their morale in combat missions. "Such psychological preparation can make educated and informed decisions in all combat conditions," — said Bobrun.

Experienced commanders, he said, soldiers are taught to act independently in the most difficult circumstances, "when you have to make a decision on their own, in the absence of communication with the commander, acting in the rear of the enemy."

At the beginning of the collection army scouts completed the compulsory program in skydiving, having made more than 4 thousand jumps out of helicopters Mi-8 and An-12 and An-26. Gathering takes place at the sites WEST "from Severomorsk to Voronezh and from Kaliningrad to Nizhny Novgorod," said Bobrun.

He noted that the assembly involves not special forces, and representatives of the combined arms reconnaissance and armored military groups.

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