Military pilots SF started delivering cargo to the ice base Barneo

MOSCOW, March 26 — RIA Novosti. Military transport aircraft of Russian Air Force began providing transport ice base "Borneo 2013" at the North Pole, only floating ice to be delivered over 50 tons of equipment, told reporters on Tuesday the spokesman for the Northern Fleet WEST (SF), Captain 2 Captain Evgeny Kirillov.

"This morning, the crew of the IL-76MD military transport aircraft the Air Force under the leadership of the pilot-sniper Major Gennady Grebenshchikova taking off from the airport" Murmashi "in the Murmansk region and headed for the North Pole" — said Kirillov. 

Crew of Major Grebenshchikova the seventh year performs the task of sending people and equipment to the construction site of the drifting station "Barneo" said Cyril. Drifting base "Borneo" is organized every year by 89 degrees north latitude, about 110 kilometers from the North Pole.

"Just to ice floe after the flights will be delivered over 50 tons of equipment, fuel, generator, food, two tractors and more than 20 members of the expedition," — said the representative of the Federation Council.

The first board of Murmansk in the Arctic crew will deliver the first of three batches of equipment for the station "Barneo 2013" and a group of paratroopers polar explorers, who will begin work on the equipment of the polar station, the flight will last about 8 hours.

"Dropping the cargo will be made parachute from low altitudes. Pilot changes the pitch (the nose for a few seconds before dropping sharply ride up top) and the load of its own weight rolls out of the compartment. Experience performing similar operations at very high latitudes of the Arctic crews have only Russian Air Force" — said Kirillov.

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