Military railroad SOUTH received about 40 new special-purpose vehicles

For service train crews of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Volgograd region, during the year there were about 40 trucks on the basis of the new KAMAZ-6522.
The car is a four wheel drive, 6×6 all-terrain. Body volume increased significantly compared to previous models.

The cabin has air conditioning and heater, heating platform also provides exhaust gas to prevent freeze-up of cargo, which allows you to work in sub-zero temperatures.

The car is equipped with electro-pneumatic mechanism for raising and lowering the platform, and is remotely controlled from the cab.
With a capacity of more than 340 horsepower, KAMAZ-6522 at full load is capable of speeds up to 85 km / h

The first unit of the machinery at the railway connection SOUTH last summer and performed well during the special exercise of the logistics of the Southern Military District, held at the site Prudboy.

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