Military surveyors SOUTH learn new complex PAS Apsheronsk-2015

TSAMTO, February 11. Military topography of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) learn the latest set of software and hardware operative creation and update of digital information "Apsheronsk-2015."

As the press service of the Southern Military District, its implementation will significantly improve the quality of support for the troops (forces) District information on the locality in real time.

Today the task of ensuring the district troops navigation information successfully solves formed in late 2011, the center of geospatial information and navigation, stationed in New Jersey. One of the new tasks carried out by experts of the center, is the control of the navigation conditions in the border region and analysis of information on current and forecast accuracy of the coordinates in the navigation system GLONASS, GPS / NAVSTAR.

Center is equipped with all the basic technical innovations military topography, in particular complexes GIS modeling "Viola-M" mobile digital topographic system "Volinets" mobile navigation and geodetic systems "red brass".

In 2013, an important task of topographic service SOUTH become a promising development in the use of automated systems management software SOUTH, formations and military units of the district geospatial information.

A landmark event service activities in 2012 was the strategic command-staff exercise "Kavkaz-2012". In its preparation and conduct of the forces Topographical Service carried out a large amount of work to ensure that associations, formations and military units of topographic and electronic cards. For interaction interspecific group of troops was made mock location within the area of responsibility SOUTH.

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