Milk War in Pruzhansky

At the dairy plant in the district center in Brest Pruzany conflict lasts around production hall passed before the Russian company "Danone Yumilk." The work of the investor pradprymstva dissatisfied workers and local consumers.

The plant does not produce now, as before, cheese, cream and other products, but just buying milk, pouring it into containers and send to Russia. Another third of February is a problem situation was discussed at a special meeting in Alexander Lukashenko. What has changed in the past week?

The Main Event

returned to the plant a former director Vladimir N.. He says that changes with the arrival of a Russian investor significantly affected the performance of the enterprise:

"A significant amount of equipment of the shops had been cleaned here put a line on the spill milk tetrapakavskiya packages. But it is not processing. All other equipment was moved to the warehouse, you can say."

According to the director, now combine two businesses — Belarusian and Russian

exist in the intense competition for the milk, which is in the area of missing:

"Magunastsi" Unimilk "can process about 400 tons of milk every day, and we have

But about two hundred and fortieth district can only give about 250 tons. Therefore, there is a need to select raw materials from other plants. But realistically, every day of our raw materials from the area of the zone every day receives only 100 tons and 120-130 tons of us goes, "UNIMILK."

Economist Nicholas Pruzany says that the real need is to invite investors to Pruzany, was not. Pruzhansky Dairy and so was a profitable venture. For information about what to blame for this situation, the district administration, the economist denies. Invited "Danone-Unimilk" is not the local authorities:

National Bank crammed here these investors, and it is responsible for the chairman of the district executive committee Pruzhansky …

"But all that is now populated by chairman of the district executive committee. Nevertheless, I think that Lukashenka himself saw that he took an unpopular measure with this investor. Therefore, for the sake of raising their credibility attacked "Unimilk", pretending to save the situation. However, the National Bank is crammed here these investors, and is responsible for this Pruzhansky chairman of the district executive committee. "

Nevertheless, many residents Pruzany believe that the current government steps aimed at protecting the population and, on the market and unscrupulous investors. Says Anna Denisovna, a resident Pruzany:

When testing began, the chairman of the district executive committee zleg to the hospital …

"That director Dairy advocated that it was sold to Russians plant. Jurkiewicz, chairman of the executive committee, dismissed him from his post for it. But the people stood up and complained about the actions and the plant, and the authorities. Now, when testing began, the chairman of the district executive committee zleg the hospital. "

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