Minsk International Book Fair: Belarusian literature under the stairs

On the eve of the official opening of the XVIII Minsk International Book Fair has become known, where is located the booth domestic private publishing houses that specialize in books and magazines in Belarusian. The organizers have allocated to them under the seat farthest from the entrance staircase connecting the first and second floors of the center BelEKSPO (Yanka Kupala Street, 27), where the fair takes place.

Eight private Belarusian publishing houses have decided to establish a joint at the book fair booth. It will present its book publishing "Logvinov", "Goliath", "Limarius", publisher Dmitry Colas, "Association of Belarusians of the World" Fatherland "as well as the journals« ARCHE-start "," Verb "and« pARTisan ».

The Allies had rented at the fair lowest possible exhibition space — 2 square meters. The reason for such modesty — nepaddymnaya for them to rent. But they ambitiously try to gather from this piece of high cultural harvest — says the initiator of the common cause, poet and translator Maria Martysevich:

"Small publishers publish a few books, a little like the show. But even if give each of ten books, it will be a hundred authors. I think that the eyes of visitors will scatter. "

The authors of two-meter-tray stand — Ales Ryazanov, Algirdas Baharevich, Adam Globus, Pavel Morozov, Vladimir Orlov, Andrei Khodanovich, Arthur wedges, Valery Bulgakov, Anatoly Vertinskiy Artem Kovalevsky, Dmitry cherry, Natalka Babin, Vera Zhibul and other celebrities bellitu.

Each of these meetings will be held at the stand. In their voices, jokes Maria Martysevich and can be Belarusian find the book:

Maria Martysevich

"We decided that it was unfair that the annual well-known Belarusian authors, issued in the private publishing houses, go to the Minsk book fair only visitors and buyers of foreign books. They have a lot of interesting friends ".

Meetings will be held during the exhibition. The opening stand of private publishers — February 9, the 14th.

And that the best Belarusian books available at the fair under the stairs, Mrs. Martysevich perceives with humor:

"Fair organizers considered independent publishers of Harry Potter, because we were placed under the stairs. And, as you know, Harry Potter the first ten years of his life in the closet under the stairs. That's about the same situation: we are on a tiny, tiny piece of a staircase from the backside so it's the former Exhibition of Economic Achievements. So — come. "

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