Mirage — The process of making a zombie Japan!

Not so long ago thundered the news of zombies in America, and now the news of the new technologies suppress the will of the people of Japan.
Substitutional Reality — A new system that creates a virtual reality for a person with a special helmet. This development, the Japanese Laboratory of Adaptive Intelligence Institute RIKEN, can replace the experience and memories of the test so that the brain will perceive them as your own!

Watch Substitutional Reality — Replacement of memories and reason

The device mixes the reality of the events taking place in a pre-recorded events from the past and sends them to the senses of the subject. Thus, with the help of audio and visual effects hat tricks the human mind, causing him to believe in a mirage, that is non-existent phenomenon. Although the device is fundamentally not much different from similar developments in the field of virtual reality, the credibility of his illusions unprecedentedly high.

These developments, we could have met in science fiction films, which were created decades ago. One can think of the classic fantasy "The Matrix," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Total Recall" or "The Punisher," which is painted as "comrades" Russian Americans used to work in hazardous industries, while they represented themselves in a magical land .

In general, developments in the suppression of the will and desire of the population do not cease in any country. Any government handy man, who, like zombies, will be necessary for a life not so much.


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