MNRE has set up a fund to deal with waste

Ministry of Natural Resources has no license to collect, use and disposal of waste, and create a self-regulatory organization for handling (CPO) and a national waste management reserve for solutions "junk" problems of the country, according to the amendments to the Federal Law "On Production and Consumption", prepared Ministry.

The law was passed by the State Duma on 22 May 1998.

According to the text of amendments, the Ministry proposes to create a SRO for waste management, which in turn create a national association of SRO operators of waste management — the operator of a special reserve fund.

"National Association of SROs should unite more than 50% of all self-regulatory organizations, operators of waste management, the details of which are included in the state register of self-regulating organizations", — stated in the text of the amendments that are available to RIA Novosti.

"We suggest that this is not supervised by the national association officials and businessmen who will be engaged in real business. So, for example, the case in the U.S., there is a similar structure run business," — said RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Rinat Gizatulin .

In natsobedinenii formed a special reserve fund, which would provide for the costs of providing new construction, expansion, reconstruction, re-equipment and modernization of existing enterprises for waste management, design and survey works, building standards and regulations, the implementation of investment projects and other capital and other investments, as well as repairing the damage done to the environment. Fund is formed by the mandatory contributions of producers (or importers) products.

At the proposal of the Ministry, the national association has the right to direct the content and ensure its activities do not exceed 5% of the special reserve fund.

Another innovation is the proposal of the Ministry for the removal of land from the property owners fail to fulfill their recultivation heaps and slurry pits.

"Land can be forcibly removed from his owner in court, if the land is used in violation of the land legislation of the land management requirements, which resulted in a substantial reduction in the fertility of agricultural lands or significant environmental degradation, as well as non-compliance with the mandatory recultivation of dumps and gold slime storage ", — stated in the text of the amendments.

"First of all, this proposal is to force large companies to carry out the processing of industrial waste on their territory. First of all it is about the mining sector and the petrochemical industry. If they will not deal with this, we propose measures to seize territory, where the waste to the new owner to take her cleaning and recycling, "- said Gizatulin.

The ministry agency "Prime" reported that the proposals until the MEP are pending and while the official position is formed. Economic Development Ministry also declined to comment on the bill as a whole. However, the director of the Department of Economic Development of trade negotiations Maxim Medvedkov said that the introduction of fees for importers in Russia for the future disposal of products and packaging does not contradict Russia's obligations under the WTO.

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