Muammer Yildiz. Generator based on Tesla free energy

Back in 2010, the inventor of Turkey Muammer Yildiz introduced the world's scientists to their minds work based on the principles of free energy Tesla. Nor any food sources, the perfect job for the rest of the demonstration, and most importantly — it was pulled at all present!

Muammer Yildiz and his free energy generator on the principles of Tesla

This magnetic motor — fan with high speed Turkish inventor Muammer Yildiz. In the demonstration, the engine does not connect any — or wires from an external source of electrical energy.

The engine in a separate room watching 30 scientists. After the engine is running for more than 10 minutes at a constant speed in front of a group of experts, it was dismantled and the audience could see that there were no batteries in it.

A group of scientists stated: the device may use the "Free Energy", by converting the potential energy of the static magnetic field of the magnets into the kinetic energy of rotation of the shaft and the totality of the design features a patented magnetic motor.

The output power of the engine, according to experts, was about 250 watts, a few people have tried to stop the shaft of his hands, but were unable to do so.
Motor diameter of 30-40 cm, 25-30 cm shiria

As usual, the content of the patent does not disclose all the details of the invention tehnichkskih, such as the 10 kV, and a successful creation of this engine will need to work hard.

His magnetic motor has two stator (outer and inner), between which the rotor spins. Magnets on said elements are arranged on lines topography experimentally waste author. Together, this has created a relatively strong magnetic motor with infinite rotation of the rotor, for example, in perpetual motion Jeffery Lacroix.

Unfortunately, this technology is still not developed, as is often the case with revolutionary discoveries.

Diagram of the Muammer Yildiz

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