NanoLight — the most economical light bulb in the world

The most economical lamp for now recognized NanoLight. Consuming only 12 watts energy it is capable of delivering 1600 lumens of light, equivalent to an ordinary light bulb 100 watts.

Once it is time to pay for public services, we are horrified to calculate in how many stranded kilowatts will have to pay this month. Recently, the emergence of energy-saving light bulbs and LED allow significant savings in energy consumption, but the creators of nano-lights made a complete revolution in the field of energy saving.

Using only 12 watts of electricity, is an innovative lamp is able to produce 1,600 lumens of light, the equivalent of a conventional light bulb 100 watts.

The company raised NanoLight scope of power management to a whole new level. This is a brand new technology, which has already surpassed all the world's LED or energy-saving technology.

In contrast to conventional energy-saving light bulbs, which have long been "building up" their brightness, nano-lights make it immediately after switching on. This is their another big plus.

Experts have found out that at the price of such a lamp is much more advantageous because replaces about 30 regular light bulbs or energy-saving light bulbs 4.

It turns out that all sides nanolampochki more advantageous economical. It is expected that very soon they otvoyuyut huge niche in the global lighting market. And we need to wait until the technology comes to us, and whether the technology is too tough for us.



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