NASA caught in a lie

NASA — The main U.S. space agency were caught in the rigging of meteorological data. How long does it — is not yet known, but they were doing everything to information about global warming to make more awesome …

The scandal called falsification of data on temperatures of the past. The space agency, which has an extensive archive of observations of temperature, time and again to provide their information to scientific organizations that have used data from studies in the field of climate change. How pishet meteovesti, «as a result found that the same historical data provided to customers in 2008 and 2012, several of them."

Various online publication accused NASA that the organization is intentionally understated data on temperatures from 1890 to 1960 — s, thus inflating the temperature data, beginning with the 1970s. Journalists believe that it is made to a warming trend look more authentic and distinctive. Thus, the public is secondary misled by major research organizations on the processes taking place in the climate of the planet. Because the misrepresentation occurred intentionally, one explanation for this may be an order for fraud by the ruling political circles.


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