NASA. Organics on Mars, no.

They're strange, these people are from NASA. Either because they say that you can not tell whether the inhabitants of the planet Earth is so much want to hear that not only is the third planet from the Sun is inhabited. So …
Representatives of NASA denied evidence that Mars rover "Kyuriositi" allegedly found on the surface of Mars organic molecules. This was on November 29 according to Reuters.

The agency recalled that "Kyuriositi" Indeed, among other things, conducting studies of Martian soil for the possible presence of organic matter, but stressed that "rumors and speculation about the breakthrough discoveries" at this stage of the mission are untrue.

The information in the media about organics found on Mars, was popular after the interview of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Charles Elachi (Charles Elachi). In an interview with reporters Elachi suggested that "Kyuriositi" could find on the surface of Mars organic molecules. At the same time he mentioned that the data are preliminary and require careful scrutiny, and that the expectations of the opening of any biological samples are overstated.

As expected, December 3, leadership of the mission will present a report on the results of the first phase of "Kyuriositi." In particular, NASA produces soil analysis made device SAM, which is intended for chemical analysis of the samples.

Mars rover "Kyuriositi" landed on the Red Planet on August 6. The main purpose of the mission, which cost NASA $ 2.5 billion, announced search for possible life forms on the planet, and the study of its geology and climate.



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