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Wonderful device, which made us re-look at all that is in the night sky. He shows it to us with startling clarity. It records the birth and death of stars have planets. He takes us to the beginning of time, where we will witness the birth of the cosmos. Space Telescope Hubble radically changed the way we see and understand the universe and our place in it.

Even the best terrestrial telescopes suffer from one circumstance — they "look" through the air at the objects, which is often dirty and, furthermore, is in constant motion. Because of this, the distant stars in the telescope look weak and unclear, although the observatory and located high in the mountains, away from city lights and smog. Ideally, the telescope must be located outside the earth's atmosphere. It was there, and are now the most powerful telescopes, such as the space telescope "Hubble". It is located in low Earth orbit at an altitude of 616 km above our planet.

Like most modern large telescopes, "Hubble" refers to the type of reflectors: the image of stars and galaxies, it is focused by the reflection of light from the mirror. Now astronomers can observe the stars located in 10 times more visible and is 50 times weaker than those seen in the best telescopes from Earth. Power telescope "Hubble" is so great that he is able to register even a small flash of light at a distance of 400,000 km.

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