NASA will build a base on the Moon

NASA is going to build a space base on the Moon, the press service of the agency. The fate of the project is largely dependent on the outcome of the U.S. presidential election: the leader of the Democratic Party of Barack Obama — a supporter of the idea, and Republican Mitt Romney advocated for a reduction in spending.

In particular, it is about creating habitable space station at L2 on the back of the satellite. By 2025, this database will make a flight to asteroids, and in 2030 — an expedition to Mars. A similar problem Barack Obama has set NASA back in 2010, reports RIA "Novosti". It is expected that the first flights to point L2 place after 2021, when it made the first manned launch SLS rocket and spacecraft 'Orion'.

"The plant will not only have to observe the solar system, but also to carry out a flight to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and later — to Mars" — gives RBC word expert John Logdona NASA. He also said that now that Obama is re-elected president of the country, NASA will receive the funding needed for the development of the station.

Meanwhile, the main project of NASA at the moment — the rover Curiosity — continued research on the Red Planet. The other day, the unit tried the Martian atmosphere "taste" by taking the analysis of gases, of which it is composed. Scientists believe that in the past it was more similar to ours and, therefore, even on Mars could support life. Why the planet has lost the old atmosphere, experts to understand.

The unit, arrived on the red planet on August 6, will work on the surface for at least one Martian year (nearly two Earth years). The purpose of the device, which is a stand-alone chemical laboratory, is the search for traces of life on the planet, and the study of its geological history.



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