Navy announced the adoption of the Bulava on arms

Russian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov said about the actual adoption of a intercontinental sea-based ballistic missile R-30 "Bulava". According CHirkova, quoted RIA Novosti, currently under execution of necessary documentation.

  • Start BR "Bulava"
  • Start BR "Bulava"

In an interview with the vice-admiral of the Navy also confirmed plans in July to adopt the newest strategic nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", built under the project 955 "Borey". According CHirkova, the submarine will enter into service the Navy to Navy Day, which is celebrated on July 29. Previously reported plans to take the "Bulava" adopted at the same time with the "Yury Dolgoruky".

Currently, sea trials held second submarine project "Borey" — "Alexander Nevsky". As expected, the submarine will join the Navy in early 2013. In October and November, with subsplanned produce the next two launches "Bulava".

In total, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to 2017 as part of defense contracts to build eight submarines of Project 955. The third submarine, which is being built at the "Sevmash", will be called "Vladimir Monomakh", and the fourth — "St. Nicholas."

In April reported the breakdown of the date of signing of the contract for the purchase of "Boreas", which will be built in the next four to five years. According to the vice-premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin, Defense failed to agree a price for the Premier League.

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