Navy began a massive rearmament, the first since the Soviet Union

MOSCOW, July 26 — RIA Novosti. Navy (Navy), Russia first time in its post-Soviet history begins large-scale re: the 2012 sailors will get 10-15 ships, including nuclear submarines and frigates, said Russian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

The Commander in Chief also emphasized that Russia is not going to leave the place of forward-based in the Syrian port of Tartus, and spoke in detail about the tasks of the Russian mezhflotskoy group, which is now in the Mediterranean.

The ships went jamb

"By the end of the year in the Russian Navy will include 10-15 new ships, including nuclear and diesel submarines, frigates, corvettes and boats … That is all that is provided in the plan weapons program," — said Vice-Admiral Teals on Thursday press conference in RIA Novosti.

In comparison, about the same number (15 ships) was taken in the Navy for nearly five years — from 2008 to the first half of 2012. Earlier, before the start of the 2008 radical military reform, the fleet almost did not get the new ships.

In accordance with the state program of armaments (volume — 20 trillion rubles), by 2020 the Navy should get eight missile strategic submarine cruisers of the "Boreas" (Project 955), eight nuclear submarines "Ash" (Project 885), about 20 multi-purpose submarines and 50 surface ships (including the 35 corvettes and 15 frigates).

According to the Commander in Chief, we must understand that "all new ships that are planned in the Navy, have to go through a routine technical training, revision". "After the completion of these actions will be taken to the ships of the fleet battle," — he said.

The fall in the battle of the fleet will be accepted missile submarine strategic "Yuri Dolgoruky" (Project 995 "Borey"). At the final stage is the construction of the first production missile podvodngo this project, "Alexander Nevsky".

The Commander in Chief said that the official ceremony of the fourth nuclear submarine type "Northwind" is scheduled for July 30, 2012.

The construction of the cerebral nuclear submarine with cruise missiles Project 885 "Severodvinsk", continues the construction of the first production nuclear submarine of project 885 "Kazan".

In the first half of 2012, completed testing and received the Navy two patrol boat project 12151 in the Pacific Fleet, four offshore tug. Completed testing of small artillery ship project 21630 "Volgodonsk" on the Caspian Flotilla and anti-boat project 21980 on the Black Sea Fleet.

Until the end of July to be completed and pass state tests of the Navy missile ship project 11661K "Dagestan" — the media nicknamed him the ship-"invisible." This is the first ship of the Russian Navy, armed with a versatile missile system 'Caliber-NK ", able to use several types of missiles to fire at surface and shore targets at ranges of up to 300 kilometers. The ship was built with the use of technologies such as "stealth", which reduce the possibility of detection by means of radar.

By the end of the year is planned to include in the nine Navy ships and eight support ships, not counting submarines. It bunt frigate of Project 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov", two serial corvette 20380 "Courageous" and "Steadfast", a serial small gun ship of the project 21630 "Makhachkala" basic minesweeper project 121700 "BT-730", two anti-sabotage boat project 21980, two landing craft project Project 11770 "Denis Davydov" and "Ivan Kartzov" small research vessel project 19910 "Victor Faleev" large hydrographic boat project 19920, harbor tug Project 7056, four offshore tug project 90600 and sea tugboat project 22030 "Alexander Piskunov . "

The construction of seven more surface ships and submarines. In particular, the third submarine of project 955 "Vladimir Monomakh", the second head of the project 855m "Kazan", a serial corvette 20380 "perfect", the large landing ship project 11711 "Ivan Gren", cerebral small missile ship project 21631 "City Svijazhsk" two 21631 series of ships of the project "The Great Ustug" and "Uglich."

In addition, this year's "Northern shipyard" (St. Petersburg) laid two warships — Project 22350 frigate "Admiral Golovko" and Project 20385 corvette "Rumbling".

A more aircraft carriers

Commander of the Navy confirmed that Russia may start construction of new aircraft carriers after 2020. "Currently, the design bureaus were assigned, is the development of the documentation for the program for the construction of ships allocated money," — he said.

In February 2012, the predecessor in office CHirkova Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said that the technical design of a new aircraft carrier will be developed by 2014, and the ship to be built after 2020. According to him, the new ship will not be an aircraft carrier in the classical sense of the word — he "will be a step ahead."

First plans for a future carrier battle groups in the Navy in November 2011, announced Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. He then explained that the War Department ordered the preliminary design of the ship in the United Shipbuilding Corporation, but the financing of the construction of aircraft carriers Russian state armaments program for 2011-2020 does not provide. Preliminary design of the ship must be prepared before the end of 2012.

Now in service with Russia is only one aircraft carrier — built in the mid-1980s, "Admiral Kuznetsov", belongs to the Northern Fleet. Soon, the ship must be sent for repair.

Military leave "Borodino"

Defense and industry have decided to resign from the completion of some ships. In particular, it will be disposed of unfinished frigate (TFR) of the project 11540 "Borodino", said Vice-Admiral Teals. Willingness TFR — 47%.

"This ship is 20 years old stood by the wall of the factory, obsolete, and the Navy does not need it," — said the commander in chief of RIA Novosti. The first ship of this project — the ship was "Fearless" — was built in 1993.

At the same time, the heavy nuclear-powered cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" (Project 1144 "eagle") will be restored before the end of 2017. "" Admiral Nakhimov "will be restored over five years, he will receive modern weapons and equipment. You will then be restored to another nuclear cruiser ", — said the commander in chief.

Heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" Northern Fleet came into operation in 1988, with 1999 on modernization. Prior to 1992, had the name "Kalinin".


Teals and spoke at one of the most discussed among Russian military experts that — about the relocation of the Main Staff of the Navy from Moscow to St. Petersburg. According to the commander in chief, it will be completed by the end of August.

"I have been serving in St. Petersburg. Most of the officers is with me. The Minister of Defense has allocated about 100 apartment housing, the other officers completed training, and in late August, they will move to St. Petersburg, "- said Teals. Experts estimated the cost of moving to 40-50 billion rubles in 2008 prices.

CHirkova predecessor in office Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky was dismissed because of failure to transfer the headquarters of the
Navy from Moscow vsevernuyu capital. As reported by a source in the Defense Ministry, he Vysotsky did not act against the principle of transfer of staff, but "insisted that the translation was literate, unhurried and thoughtful."

Defense Ministry has initiated a translation of the main fleet headquarters from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 2007. The idea was that in the northern capital collected major scientific, educational and industrial centers associated with the Navy, including the Naval Academy of the Kuznetsov, design offices, "Ruby" and "Malachite", shipyards "Severnaya Verf" and " Baltic Shipyard ".

Russian Navy decided on the dislocation and two French helicopter type "Mistral" — they will be placed in Vladivostok. "Place-based vehicles of the" Mistral "is defined, it is a city of Vladivostok. There are also shipyards, there will train staff, "- said the commander in chief.

Earlier, a senior staff of the Pacific Fleet has said RIA Novosti that "Mistral" is planned to deploy a naval base in the city Fokino, in 119 kilometers from Vladivostok.

The base is located in the Gulf Fokino shooter. Currently stationed here as part of the 36th Division of surface ships are six combat units: the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Admiral Lazarev" missile cruiser "Varyag" and four destroyers Project 956.

Tartus will not leave

Viktor Chirkov stressed that Russia intends to retain its naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus. "The point of logistics of the Russian Navy in Tartus will be saved. It is necessary for us to ensure our ships, in particular when the anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden, "- he said.

The Commander in Chief added that the Mediterranean Sea is an operating area of Black Sea Fleet.

At the moment, in the Mediterranean Sea is the grouping of the North (SF), the Baltic (BF) and the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) of Russia. FC squad — large landing ships "Alexander Otrakovsky", "George", "Kondopoga" detachment of warships BF — patrol ships "Yaroslav the Wise", "Fearless", rescue tug "SB-921" and tanker "Lena". Detachment of the Black Sea Fleet warships — guard ship "Sharp-witted," large landing ship "Caesar Kunikov" and "Nicholas Phylchenkov" and two support vessels.

Earlier, representatives of the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) have expressed concern about the shipment to the coast of Syria, a group of ships of the Russian Navy. As stated about two weeks ago, a member of the executive committee of the SNA Burhan Latrine, the former head of the organization, these exercises can contribute to the perpetuation of violence by the government of Bashar al-Assad against civilians.

"Sunset at the port of Tartus mezhflotskoy group is not planned, it performs tasks in the Mediterranean Sea on the plan of combat training," — said, for his part, Teals.

According to him, this trip was planned in 2011. "On board are marine units with standard weapons," — said the commander in chief.

The conflict in Syria is from March 2011, his victims were, according to the UN, 16,000 people. The protests against the regime of President Assad escalated into large-scale clashes with government forces across Syria.

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