Navy has decided to bring into operation the unique titanium submarines



Navy Russia has decided to return to the unique structure of the submarines of Project 945 "Barracuda", the body of which is made of titanium, said a senior source in the Main Command of the Navy, stressing that the decision to restore the boat was taken in January at a meeting with the commander in chief of the Navy, Viktor Chirkov.

"It was not a spontaneous decision, we counted it carefully and came to the conclusion that economically feasible to restore the boat, you dispose of," — said the source publication.

"The main target" Barracudas "and" Condor "- aircraft carriers and submarines. Thanks titanium boat hull can serve up to 100 years "

Now the fleet four titanium nuclear submarines (except mini-submarines for deep-sea research): two Project 945 "Barracuda" — K-239 "Carp" and K-276 "Kostroma" and two titanium boat modernized Project 945A "Condor "- K-336" Pskov "and K-534" Nizhny Novgorod ".

The main target "Barracudas" and "Condor" — aircraft carriers and submarines. To destroy them using torpedoes fired from two 650-mm torpedo tubes and four 533-mm. In contrast to the "Barracudas", "Condors" can shoot nuclear cruise missiles "Garnet" and dive to 50 meters deep — up to 600 m from air attack boats can shoot anti-aircraft missiles "Igla".

All boats are part of the 7th Division of the Northern Fleet submarines (n. Vidjaevo), but the "Carp" from 1994 is located at the shipyard "asterisk" in anticipation of a recovery. The contract for the renovation of the first two submarines was signed with the "asterisk". According to the document, the plant must spend an average of two repair to the modernization of the Premier League.

As one of the top managers of "Sprockets" on the boats will replace the nuclear fuel, and all the electronics and the mechanical part of the check and repair. In addition, the repair will hold and nuclear reactors.


"According to the schedule until the end of April Boat K-239" Carp "to be transferred from the balance of the fleet to the balance of the plant. By this time, to be held Troubleshooting and approved the project work. Own work will begin on the first boat in the summer and will continue for two to three years, according to the optimistic scenario. Perhaps periods drag on, as it is not all clear at parts suppliers. After the "Carp" put the repair "Kostroma" — said the representative of the "Stars".

He added that, despite their age, the body of titanium submarines "in excellent condition." "Titan, unlike steel, non-corrosive, so if you remove the rubber coating that absorbs noise, like new housing there," — added repairers.

According to preliminary data, titanium submarines get new sonar, combat information and control systems, radar, radio station with intelligence, a navigation system based on GLONASS / GPS. In addition, the boat will change the weapon system and teach them to fire cruise missiles from the complex "Movement» (Club-S).

The strength of titanium submarines was demonstrated in 1992, when the nuclear submarine "Kostroma" encountered in the Barents Sea with an American submarine of the "Los Angeles". The Russian ship was slightly damaged cutting and American boat had to be written off.

Independent military expert and author of books on the history of the Navy in an interview with Dmitry Boltenkov"News"called the submarine with a titanium hull national treasure.


"Restoring groups multipurpose nuclear submarines — is one of the most important programs of the fleet. Unfortunately, running boats out of the total number of barely one-third, so that the return of Project 945 — undoubtedly good news. Thanks titanium boat hull can serve up to 100 years, "- he said.

Former Chief of Staff of the Navy Victor Kravchenko, in turn, explained that to recover the boat, built in 1980 — is not the right solution. "Modern steels allow boats to withstand the same depth as titanium. Therefore, special benefits, both in the Soviet years, in front of titanium steel boats do not. So I think it's better to build new ones, they share would be much higher, "- said Kravchenko.

It is expected that after the repair of the four nuclear submarines back in the 7th Division of the Northern Fleet submarine force, and will be based in Vidjaevo.

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