Navy ordered a training center for divers

The Ministry of Defence has announced a tender for the supply of the training center "Aquanaut" for divers training Navy. The cost of the center is estimated at 1.89 billion rubles.

According to the site procurement documentation of the MTC "Aquanaut" includes a deep-water diving equipment GVK-450, a training tower diving, diving and rescue equipment, facilities for underwater work, fitness complex "Diver" and the trainer "Pilot" for operators of unmanned underwater vehicles.  


As noted, "Aquanaut" is designed for comprehensive training deepsea divers, rescuers from the Navy, as well as operators of underwater drones.

Applications for the tender are accepted until May 20, the auction will be held on May 27. Supply of the complex is expected in up to 25 November 2015. "Aquanaut" will go into service of the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg.

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