Navy Uruguay chooses Transas simulators

At the Naval Academy of Uruguay made a successful installation training complex company "Transas" including a navigation simulator NTPRO 5000, GMDSS simulator TGS 5000 and Engine Room simulator ERS 5000.


The contract signed by the victory in an international tender involving the world's leading manufacturers of such equipment was provided for the execution of Transas USA and representative in Uruguay — Arnaldo C. Castro SA. New simulators replace the production system "Transas" established by the Academy in 2000.


Mission specialists Transas USA in Latin America with the company's technical staff Arnaldo C. Castro SA suggested solutions corresponding to projects of this scale, and created a system that, according to representatives of the Academy, has exceeded all expectations.

Architecture simulators installed in a specially refurbished building that increases the realism of training and the possibility of an instructor.

Navigation simulator consists of a full-scale bridge with 7 channels visualization on 50-inch displays and consoles equipped with hardware, to bring simulation control of the vessel. In addition, the simulator installed radar, ECDIS, the management console, specialized panels, VHF communication equipment, navigation software, bow thruster, Azipod controls and a full-scale station GMDSS communication, coupled with the GMDSS simulator TGS 5000.

Two small bridge with three channels visualization on 42-inch displays, provide additional training.

According to the requirements of the guidelines of the National Port Authority, the complex has been designed specifically for testing pilotage operations in the port of Montevideo and Uruguay River. To solve this problem, a new sailing area — Rio de la Plata, which includes the ports of Montevideo, Buenos Aires and La Plata.


NTPRO Simulator 5000 are of high quality mathematical modeling. Representatives of the Naval Academy, noted that the simulated vessels react to the management as well as real. The simulator produces highly realistic scenarios, simulating all weather conditions, wind, current, and reliable models the hydrodynamic effects of the passage of gateways and narrow channels.

Director of the Naval Academy of Uruguay captain Vakareza Gabriel (Gabriel Vacarezza) explained: "Thanks to the training apparatus" Transas "Our Academy has acquired a powerful tool training of competent personnel for the navy and merchant marine, giving the opportunity to learn how to effectively carry out the ship is safe and without risk to the environment."

The Naval Academy is a free public training center, responsible for training and simulator training of navy and merchant marine Uruguay since 1907. The Academy oversees the model course IMO, based on the recognition as the Training Centre of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Uruguay belongs to the group of countries that belong to the so-called "white list» IMO and pay constant attention to compliance with the standards set by the organization, which is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Naval Academy in 2004, has been certified for compliance with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and inspected by representatives of the IMO and the European Maritime Safety Agency.

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