Near Lviv Chupacabra killing rabbits

Lviv oblast appeared unknown creature, which looks like a giant dog. It massively destroys rabbits … terrified peasants form self-defense units.

Recently in Pidhirtsi wary to go out after dark. People believe — every night like creature giant dog wandering around the village, looking for victims.

While only a monster hunts rabbits. Since Easter is visited by a dozen houses and destroyed more than a hundred animals. Anna — the only one of the victims dared to leave the house when she heard a noise in the yard.

Anna Panas, the injured, "Where is the cell, where I saw a dog — was pretty big, so red. Without hair, and even, in my opinion, he did not have a tail, something like a bulldog. "

Picture is always similar. Dogs do not bark at night and in the morning the hosts are all their rabbits dead. And this is without a single drop of blood! One or more animals are disappearing. Cells were broken.

Hope Boyko, the victim: "Sooner husband went to feed the rabbits, looks, and there at the front, everything is beaten. Both small and great. "

To accomplish all of this — the monster must have outstanding physical strength, high jump, and still be able to quietly open the gate and "professionally" to kill. Thus "Podgoretskil Beast" resembles being Hispanic — chupakabras.

This is a semi-mythical, but described in the scientific and popular literature, animals that suck blood from livestock. Scientists for decades trying to find out: it is mutants or aliens. And if they exist at all.

Karashkevich novel, the victim: "I've seen before on TV that in Zhytomyr and Ternopil escaped something. Someone experimented, some animals or something … For a short red hair. The front legs are short, long tail. What jumps, and he jumps, God knows. "

When emotions subside and fear recedes, farmers are trying to take a sober look at the crime scene. And they find human footprints.

Anna Panas, the victim, "You know, so that's been open. Here, it's hard to open, see? What dog could open?

Rabbits animal attacks not convinced veterinarian. At least, it is unknown to science.

Voronchuk Constantine, head Brody district hospital of veterinary medicine: "Whatever the animal, trained or not, it can not open the cell to break the metal bars of the cage. Hard to believe this, pick up some animals, other to enclose the yard … "

Whatever it was, but a creature exhibits uncommon intelligence. For example, among the victims — the elderly, often lonely. And yet — the attack began after the election of the chairman of the village.

Hope Mikhaylishin, Podgoretsky village chairman: "And I was very worried that now, when the month that I started to work with people of so many different problems."

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