Near the city of Tours (Tuva), construction maralnik to 700 head of breeding cattle

At 19 kilometers from the city of Tours, Centre Pii-Khem district, in the town "Top of Turan" installed the first poles for the future maralnik. Thus launched the practical revival in Tuva maral antlers.

Maralnik, designed initially for 700 breeding animals, will take 1,820 acres, in the future herd will be increased to 1,000 head.

Builders need to install 17,000 rounded pillars height of 2 m 40 cm each, pull wire 180 km, 64 km grid, 164 thousand to fix the appropriate brackets. It will also build the necessary production facilities, a house for the staff. By the spring of all

  • first stolb.png
  • first stolb.png

must be prepared.


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